What Is The Movement Maker, 10 Years after That It Would Be to Change The World

10 years ago few knew the movement maker, But today this subculture of the “do-it-yourself you” in technological version is attracting massive waves of talent, collaboration and surprising projects. The evolution of this movement has been remarkable, and today the entrepreneurship and the maker movement entrelanzan is to make reality projects that until not long ago seemed crazy ideas. Read more

Thus Is as The First 3D Printed Shell Has Saved Life This Turtle

The 3D printing It is part of a good number of disciplines in the world, it is no longer that futuristic technology to adapt to our day by day thanks to its ability to create objects ranging from slippers, structures for construction, cars and of course prosthesis, since medicine is the field which has most taken advantage of this technology and its possibilities , but not only in humans, in animals. Read more

Even Us Not Familiar with 3D Printing and Already Reaches New Levitation 3D Printing

Almost every day we have news of a new advance in terms of 3D printing, which has managed to sneak in a lot of disciplines and fields, offering versatility that puts us before a wide range of possibilities, already with her can be done practically everything from prosthetics, spare parts, to cars, artificial organs, medicines and buildings. Read more