Bq Embraces Culture Maker: Financial 3D Printer, a Plate and Software Development

At the end of the presentation of the new Aquaris E bq, the Spanish company had prepared one ad more. For them, and many of us, education is very important and taking into account that we are a company dedicated to technology they wanted to make its contribution by providing three new elements aimed for children but also for anyone who wants to get into the maker culture. Read more

3D Printing Is No Longer as Protagonist in The CES, But That Just Shows That She Is More Mature

Two years ago, Bre Pettis, the CEO of MakerBot, was the repsonsable offer the opening talk of the CES in Las Vegas. 3D printing was more than most, the trend that seemed destined to revolutionize the world. Things have changed significantly and after that initial expectation 3D printers they have had a less prominent role in the 2016 CES. Read more