The future of HDMI

When deciding the high definition connection to use, the easiest way is to choose HDMI since it provides image quality up to full HD (1080 p) and 5.1 sound which then according to the source that we connect it can be more or less useful. Component cable option allow image up to full HD but the sound transmitted by the RCA (red/white) is simply stereo. While DVI only transmits the image up to full HD without sound.

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HTC 10: Front-Facing Camera To Allow Better Selfies With OIS

The HTC 10 could bring a feature, which offers yet no other Smartphone: in a teaser HTC already points to the outstanding camera features of its next top smartphones. Notes to a dual-lens on the rear are mainly in it however. But also the front-facing camera will contain special technique.

The camera on the front of the 10 HTC could have an optical image stabilizer, as PhoneArena reports. Therefore @testingsmiles should be surfaced on his Twitter account already Selfie photos, which were allegedly taken with the new smartphone. Meanwhile, the photos were but again disappeared. Some images included even the HTC logo, the HTC 10 possible publication date, and the Hashtag “#powerof10”, which can be seen in various teasers from HTC.

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The Galaxy Gear Comes – Tick the Koreans Right?

Surely Koreans tick yet quite rightly, because the new Samsung Galaxy gear is a super help to operate your Smartphone without having you need to pull it out of the bag – with us you can pre-order the clock in our online shop!

The Galaxy gear is really handy to operate the new Samsung smartphones, such as for example the new Samsung Galaxy touch 3. Samsung smartphones makes the clock even easier operation, as to pull his Samsung cell phone out of his pocket will no longer needed for much, when you’re wearing the Galaxy gear on the wrist. Do you know what can the Galaxy gear?

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The Phone is in the Hand…

… at least three and a half hours a day – at least for the 18-25-year that seems to be, if you can believe a study was recently published.

Whether at the train station, in the Café, at the bus stop or at the traffic lights, where you look, everywhere people have your Smartphone in hand and wipe type and to paint around like crazy. Especially in the 18-to 25-year belongs to the Smartphone in the hand like the butter on the bread. Is this really the case or exaggerate the only who say that?

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Samsung Gear 360: Price Revealed For The VR Camera

The price for the Samsung gear 360 is known: the small action cam, Samsung GoPro wants to compete with, is already listed on a U.S. carrier. For the excellent facilities, the gadget is comparatively cheap.

The camera gear 360 at the dealer is listed B & H for $349,99. A release date is so far but not listed there; the availability is currently only with “coming soon” (translated: “coming soon”) specified. The device in the course of the second quarter will be 2016 according to PhoneArena. The camera is compatible with all newer Top Smartphones from Samsung, so for example the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy note 5 and the Galaxy S7.

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iBob Sticky Glue and Adhesive Tape

If you need a handy glue or tape that can be applied to all surfaces, don’t worry and this is also easily for you! We cover a fantastic selection, consisting of regular glue, glue sticks, refill, packing tape, carpet tape, duct tape, and much else that eases your everyday life. The possibilities, however, does not stop here, since of course you will have the opportunity to get a glue or tape, matching exactly your needs – whether it is with regard to the width of the content, number or otherwise. Tapens width can for example be obtained with targets everything from 1.5 mm to 50 mm. As an example, covers a highly usable tape to whiteboards. This tape gives you a wealth of opportunities including breakdowns and cells on the Board. The tape is incredibly easy to put up and take down again, when new ideas must be created.

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Indispensable Office Machines and Equipment

LM6210 A6 Photo Laminators Portable Laminating Machine Smooth Non-Foaming for OfficeHousehold Top Quality

To an office can work well and efficiently, it is important that you have all the necessary machines that make everyday life a little easier. Find office machine here and buy them very cheap.

On bridgat you will find a great variety of different letter and parcel scales. The weights are useful when you want to send packages and letters and you have to know what the postage to be on is.

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Creative Office Supplies and Products

At you will find both brush sets, painting palettes, acrylic colors, cutting mats and much more to help you explode your creative side. Cutting mats are from Pavo, acrylic paints from Amsterdam color palettes from Speech, pastel colors from Panda and the brushes from Van Gogh. We all cover a creative side and whether it’s art paint, paper clips or anything else you have thrown your love after there are both materials, cardboard and paint to it.

2015 Design Luxury multipurpose Builders Double-sided PVC Cutting Mat 22x30cm Fast delivery Bergino Large Ceramics-imitated Painting Palette Wateroolor Oil Painting Pigment Flower Shape Palette Paint Tray


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Packaging Products for Office

Candy Colored Envelope Folder Jackets A4 Cartoon Marine Animal Paper-Based Candy Colored Expanding File Folders Plastic A4 Smile Pattern Expansion Gusset

In this online shop you will find a large selection of products for shipment and packaging. On this page you will find products such as bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, bubble envelopes, stringing, hobby knives, packing slips, tape, zipper bags, cardboard box, and much more. Shipping and packaging products are in brands such as Twine & Robe, iBob, 3 m, DuPont, Grippie and many more. On this page you will find everything for fragile shipments to the major packages available that bubble foil and corrugated, so your package arrives safely. For the smaller shipments are available bubble envelopes and sample bags.

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Practical Removable Labels for DVD and CD

5 Sheet 60pcs Blackboard Sticker Craft Kitchen Jar Organizer Labels Chalkboard Chalk Board Stickers With A Highlighter Pen

You will find the largest selection of labels, in the form of DVD and CD labels, mailing labels, shipping labels and more. The labels are in brands such as Avery, Brother, Relief, Quinz and many more.

No matter what kind of labels you are looking for is the place where you find them. We cover everything in the address labels, removable labels and many more stuff like that.

In addition to the classic labels, we also cover a large collection of fun and child-friendly labels in the form of letters and numbers for fun and exciting decorations at the children’s room. In addition, you can find beautiful Hello Kitty labels for school books for the girls.

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