Printer Selection Criteria

There are now a wide variety of printers to meet each specific needs and uses. To help you choose your printer, you must understand and recognize their differences.

Laser or inkjet?

Indeed, this question often comes when choosing a printer. Technology “ink jet” involves jetting ink drops on paper using a print head which moves along a rail. This technology offers a great print quality including photo printing. If you are printing small quantities of pages, it is the ideal printer. However, be sure to print occasionally a document to prevent cartridges from drying out.

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What is 3D Printer?

The Replicator 2 to The Test

The consumer 3D printers can be counted on fingers. But as good as the models sold for creating home objects in 3 dimensions? Having taken up the Cube in Cubify we lab tested the Replicator 2t. With few surprises to boot.

“The best printer  3D consumer market”… this is how the US manufacturer this easily the latest addition to its range, the Replicator 2. If, on paper, create objects in 3D with this machine does not seem a problem, however some pitfalls stand in use.

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How to Use Your Printer

To get the most from your printer, it is interesting to look at these few details. Let’s explore the main accessories to predict when buying your printer.

How to Choose The Paper?

Element as important as the ink, the choice of paper is highly correlated with the quality of printing, especially for photo printing. Also, it is important to pay special attention when purchased. The texture of the paper is the essential criterion, because it is more smoother, the print result will be satisfactory.

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Printer Dictionary Terms

  • ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).Tray that lets you scan and copy multi -page documents automatically.
  • AIO(All in one).All in one.You can identify on the one hand multifunction printers or even desktop computers that integrate all components on the screen itself.
  • AirPrint. Print function integrated in the operating system iOS 4.2 of Apple.It allows you to print directly via wi-fi from portable Apple devices: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Android.It is the operating system developed by Google based on Linux.
  • Apps.S mall applications developed for smartphones,tablets and even printers that extend the capabilities of these devices ,making them more versatile.

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Printer FAQs

This FAQ is made up from your questions the more frequent, such as found on the forum. Before asking your question on the forum, please check that it is not in this FAQ.


Q1 -How do I share my printer between multiple machines?

R1 – There are several solutions:

-Use a network printer: more expensive, these printers have an Ethernet port and connect is directly to a hub or switch. Printers Wifi are directly accessible by computers running the Wifi. In practice, the solution for the network printer is the most effective and reliable.

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Printer Buying Guide

The printer is one of the most important devices on a desk, whether for professional use or for private use. For environmental reasons, it is recommended to restrict as much as possible the printing of documents, at the time of the online storage, email, note-taking applications or even digital dictaphones. Still printing paper is sometimes necessary for some administrative documents for example or to edit digital photos that you want to keep in an album or send to someone not connected. The choice is vast today in the field of the printer between the historical players, Epson, Canon and HP, and the challengers who have managed to get a place in the market as Samsung, Brother or Lexmark. The choice is further complicated by the variety of types of printers, monofonction, multifunction, printer inkjet, laser printer, connected or not, specialized photo or not, etc. This small decryption will help you I hope to make your choice. We here voluntarily left aside the special case of 3D printers that have been the subject of a dedicated article.

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How to Choose a Printer

Despite a decline in sales, the printer remains an important device. Text documents, PDFs, photos, web pages still need to be put on paper, at a variable rate depending on the users. These, increasingly demanding, pushed the machine to diversify to achieve the multifunction: scanner and photocopying joined the traditional printing. Today, the attention seems focused on ergonomics (touch screens, front / back …) and connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth …). As many parameters that make the choice of more and more complicated. So instead decryption.

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Smartphones USB Type C

On board the last two Nexus, USB Type C is the new standard that Google would like to impose on manufacturers but will he succeed this year or what is its adoption will be longer?

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Why USB Type C, it is good?

If you like USB Type C, it is primarily because it’s convenient. The Connector is reversible, so you can plug in the direction you want. Which is never hard to trying to plug a USB Type A cable into the wrong feel while thinking to do it the right way? It is also supposed to provide reduced but charging if they be associated with the standard 3.0 or 3.1 times. However, in practice, smartphones and tablets present equipped with a Type C USB port offer only USB 2.0.

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Pebble Unveils New Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble presents the new generation of its smartwatch and funding will also be done by Kickstarter

Although yesterday we could see ahead of time designing the new generation of Pebble few hours that the company has officially presented new device does. Called the Pebble Time and its new features compared to the original version they are numerous, so make yourselves comfortable and discover which offers one of the pioneering companies in this smart watches.

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Pebble Smartwatch Android Version

From now on we can answer Android notifications directly from our Pebble

Makes some we announced that Pebble was about to reach the power of notifications of Android Wear, which meant that from now could respond to notices of Android directly from the smartwatch, but this was a mere mirror activity our smartphone. Well, just over two months later, the company has officially announced the launch of this new feature.

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