The Right Wall Thickness

The wall thickness decides in 3D pressure, how stable an object fails. These tricks help you to adjust.

In 3D printing, the right wall thickness determines whether an object succeeds or not. However, since each 3D model reacts with the material used in its own way, it is often difficult to find the right strength. These tricks help in orientation.

That means Wall Thickness: How thick the building surface to fail to surface, is determined by the wall thickness. The smaller an object, the thinner the wall thickness. Conversely, large objects quickly lose their stability when they are printed with too little wall thickness. Read more

The Best 3D Printer

Producers in 3D printing are required to produce three-dimensional objects quickly and easily. In the Praxistest, we check which model is the best.

The 3D print wants to go into the hobby cellar and away from the image that only professionals or ambitious makers with the object printers can start something. They are meant to appeal to every interested technology enthusiast because, as opposed to kits, they do not require any engineering studies to get the equipment running. They promise us to be ready for work with a few handcuffs. The majority of the devices are based on fused deposition modeling (FDM) or fused filament fabrication (FFF). These 3D printers melt plastic, push it through a nozzle, and control it layer by layer on a building platform one at a time until the object is finished. New in the desktop area are stereolithography printers (SLA). They work with liquid synthetic resin, which they harden with a laser layer-wise in the desired places. The object is created in contrast to the FDM technology Copywriter.  Read more

Printer Requires New Ink Cartridges Too Soon

The business with ink cartridges is extremely lucrative for printer manufacturers. This again confirms a test.

Bellevue Fine Art repro in Seattle has tested how much money the company wasted unused away printer ink. The company scans and prints of art and photographs and sets for four professional printer type Epson a 9900th In these printers, several ink cartridges each contain 700 ml or 350 ml of ink. A 750 ml ink cartridge costs up to 280 Euro. A full ink set, so that pays companies before, cost per print than 1000 US dollars (about 884 euros). Read more

3D Printer Has Found Winners

The 3D printer Da Vinci Junior 1.0 of XYZprinting worth 400 Euro is now raffled. Look for if you are!

The interest in winning the 3D printer XYZprinting Da Vinci Junior 1.0 was huge: over 12,000 readers took part. Thanks a lot for this! There could be only one winner and the random number generator has been determined. Of course, we can not reveal who the lucky guy is. This prohibits data protection. Only so much is said: The lucky one comes from Germany and lives in the postal code area 9xxxx. Have fun with the 3D printer! He will go to you by mail.  Read more

3D Printer – Design the Best Template

For a perfect item from the 3D printer, the original must match. These tips will help you.

3D printing is a wide field. Different printing materials are used – from plastic to wood to ceramics or metal. Not all materials work well with your 3D printer at home. For this reason, service providers offer printing in stainless steel or ceramics, for example. A properly prepared print template saves you anger and ensures a successful print result. These tips will help you. Read more

How to Find the Right 3D Printer

Are you interested in a 3D printer? Then you will find in the guidebook the right device to immerse in the three-dimensional world.

A few years ago, 3D printing was still something for nerds or – as the absolute opposite of it – for the production of professional prototypes. Meanwhile, more and more ambitious hobbyists and self-employed people are discovering the advantages of desktop 3D printers. That is why there are more and more devices. This increases the selection, but makes for a quick overview. We provide suitable solutions to print items. We take a look at the usual procedures and explain the advantages and limitations of fusion coating and co. Read more

Samsung Xpress C480FW test

Test: The compact and low-cost color laser multifunction printer Samsung Xpress C480FW is designed for the home office.

The combined device is the successor to the Samsung Xpress C460W and belongs to the compact class manufacturer. As always, the compact dimensions of the unit make it easy to find space on the desk. It prints, copies, scans, and faxes. To do this, it is able to handle a wide range of mobile printing applications, such as an NFC chip and can connect to the smartphone or tablet via WiFi Direct. In addition to the manufacturer’s own apps can also be about Apple Airprint and Google USB , Ethernet and USB host interfaces as the unit. So the Samsung model is well equipped. Cloud Print Print. To the wireless possibilities join Read more

Xerox Workcentre 6027V / NI Tested

The color laser multifunction device Xerox Workcentre 6027V / NI turns out to be quite expensive in the test. The Xerox model also has clear strengths!

Xerox multifunctional devices use LED instead of laser technology. An advantage: the compact device size. This also applies to the Workcentre 6027V / NI, although the automatic document feed has already made the difference in height. Also, the color laser combiner needs space, as we have to open a door for toner replacement before we get to the toner containers. Read more

Epson Develops Paper Recycling for the Office

Recycling is particularly important for the environment, and in the future, offices can do this directly in the office. With a new invention from Seiko, old paper can be transformed into a new one.

Seiko Epson Corporation has developed a device, which is seen as the world’s first office paper suitable for recycling machine. It is intended to recycle old and used paper, for which there is no longer any use, into new, usable paper – completely without the use of water. Epson plans to enter 2016 in the so-called “PaperLab” in mass production in Japan, 2017 the sales begin. According to, companies that install the PaperLab should be able to produce paper with different sizes, thicknesses and surfaces. Read more

The Ideal Paper for Your Laser Printer

You have a laser printer and you are not sure which types of paper you can use with the machine. Can you also use inkjet media in the laser device, and when are special media useful at all? The tip gives an overview and shows the differences in the print media.

Paper for laser and ink: The choice of print media is much greater in inkjet printers than laser. Reason: the printing technology. In contrast to laser devices, the ink drops into the surface of the paper. Therefore let use media which are made up of different layers in inkjet.
Read more