You Do Not Buy a Pair of Shoes, Use Your 3D Printer

As I have told and taught number of Martian things that can be printed in our own House If we are lucky (and media, clear) have a three-dimensional printer. But the latest that we have set is in the impressive number of models of shoes that you can get through the Thingiverse. Like this, Why keep buying shoes if they can be directly printed at home?

The variety of available models is huge, and although for the most part is relatively simple footwear (of type flip-flops for the summer), There are authentic creations It could appear in the next a fashion week catwalk.

Of course, there are models that combine typical resins of 3D printers with others such as fabrics and leather, but many models, like the cover photo, they need only printer to have a ready to wear shoe (following instructions including Thingiverse, of course).

As it is logical, We ignore if they are comfortable enough to replace (at least for now) traditional shoes, but certainly will popularize printers which give a finish as this of which I spoke recently the thing can be tricky for the sector of footwear and ready-to-wear fashion.