Would You like to Print 3D Color and Paper? The Mcor Arke Make It Possible

The 3D printers they are gradually introduced in the domestic market although the results tend to be monochromatic, resin or plastic, unappealing visually and require some skills to download the models and print them.

Mcor wants to solve these problems with Arke, its new line of printers aimed at bring the ease of use of the conventional ink 2D many have at home, but applied to the world of the in paper and color 3D printing.

With a size of 880 x 593 x 633 mm It is much larger than a conventional home printer, but must be taken into account which offers impressions of objects of up to 240 x 205 x 250 mm with a resolution of 4800 x 4800 DPI.

How does it work? More or less like the cut-outs that many small. Once we have the object model in 3D (that by the way it seems it is can get directly from a normal photo) is to print and the Arke will be drawing with a system of inkjet the outline of the silhouette, layer by layer using a continuous paper roll.

Each of these layers cut automatically and sticks to the following also without human intervention inside the printer. When they have printed and pasted all layers the object already is ready to use it, but that Yes, will not be as much consistency as those obtained with printers of plastic, since it continues to be attached with adhesive paper.

Price and availability

New Mcor Arke they will go on sale in the second quarter of this year for a price that deviates from the common user, but yes they can be interesting for those who work from home doing designs, since they will depart from the 5.995 dollars