When All The Elements That Appear in Each Frame Are Printed in 3D: Chase Me

It is the first, nor will be the last time that we see as 3D printers become one important tool in animated film. The example that we bring you today is an extreme case, in which all the elements that we find in the piece, have been made with 3D printers.

Chase Me It is the name of the work, and so laborious project manager is Gilles Deschaud. So it has used printers FormLabs 1 +, which has commanded the previous work of four months of creation of elements on your computer. We must not forget that there is a work of animation before creating these 3D models.

In comparison with a frame made with computer graphics, or a drawing on paper, the work of Deschaud wasted detail and realistic lighting in each frame, and is that logically we have photographs of real elements. Pictures that are going to go forward to 24 images per second, we released a preview of the result with the first trailer:

“Then I share with you another video that collects the”making”, the details on the creation, is give us that were printed 2,500 objects, in which more than 80 litres of resin, were used for more than ten months of printing:

We have another recent example in “FREEZE! “an adventure in 100 frames”, a work of Job Joris and Marieke, in which also the scene is composed with elements created with printers Ultimaker 2: