WaSP Wants 3D Printers to Build Houses of Mud and Clay

The technologies of 3D printing they are ready to revolutionize the industry as we know it today, in multiple sectors and yet to foresee consequences. One of the activities in which you also want to put hand is in the rapid construction of homes and buildings with curved shapes through extrusion of different types of cement and concrete.

However, there are situations in which it is not possible, for economic reasons, use these expensive materials. How to fix it? Since using as the basis of construction that there will probably be more than enough anywhere in the world: mud and clay.

This is the bet of WaSP, a printer that, in its final version, will have about 6 meters high and will be able to print structures of up to 3 meters using clay, clay and other natural fibers present in the construction site.

The idea behind the project is that it is possible to build houses of a certain minimum quality, at zero cost in quick and simple in places with few resources and for people without instruction, Since only will have to mount the printer (say it takes a couple of hours), choose the model and give the button start.

It may seem that the mud is a little long-lasting material, but it has been used worldwide for centuries. In addition, is it cheap and plentiful to quickly create housing in emergencies after such natural disasters, displaced by wars, etc..

By the time tests that its creators have made the last Maker at Rome fair paint quite well, although not have confirmed the company’s plans or possible sale of these peculiar printers prices.