Unique Bread, Impossible Breads Which Are Obtained with 3D Printer

If someone would have told us a few years ago that 3D printers would enter our kitchens we would have sounded to science fiction, but the current reality has exceeded it, back then, so hardly imaginable. 3D printing has carved niche in the field of gastronomy and Singular, with its original loaves, Bread, is one of the companies that are making it possible.

What is Singular Bread?

This Cordoba company has developed a new model of 3D printer with the objective of designing innovative shapes and flavors in the bakery sector and, more specifically, from the peaks of bread.

It may seem difficult to innovate in a sector as traditional as it is the bakery as hundreds are companies offering products with high quality. Singular Bread has nonetheless succeeded and as proof of this the variety of formats of peaks of bread that you create through this pathway, impossible to produce with other technologies.

What is your creative process?

At the moment they are centered in the catering sector and their designs are the result of the work carried out with the chefs in your customers. There is no more limit for their designs of peaks of bread the imagination of everyone and you work with that philosophy. Customer designs the peak and Singular Bread creates it to add it to the dish as it was imagined.

But the thing is not an aesthetic matter. No. The flavors also can be customized. Unique Bread began with a product’s taste traditional, similar to the of the bread of life, but now they have recipes for every taste: focaccia, muesli, nuts, seeds, fine herbs and olives, among others.

If there are any but to Singular Bread is the fact that, at the moment, your product does not directly reach the final consumer. We also like to imagine a buffet, pecking or whatever third exclusive spiked and We would be glad to be able to access them. We hope that one day we will have access to them.