Ultrascope Is a Robotic Telescope That You Can Print in 3D (And Which Uses a 1020 Lumia!)

Astronomy fans are in luck. A London Group of experts in the manufacture of telescopes has designed and developed a system that allows you to build a robotic telescope from a 3D printer. His project, published under Open Source license, allows access to a telescope’s performance at ridiculous costs compared to its benefits.

The Ultrascope is a ring (Automated Robotic Observatory) that currently has two designs: the Explorer, with a 3.5-inch mirror, and the Odyssey with a 8-inch mirror. Both the design files and the control software will be available for all users with open license, and also the power of Arduino is used to control the operations of this singular telescope.

A 1020 Lumia as the heart of the project

The cost of the telescope is almost ridiculous: regardless of access to 3D printer – if you don’t have one, always can rent their services – components will you leave us for only 280 euros (although it is not specified which of the two models), and both the construction and Assembly are available to any user with minimum knowledge in this area.

One of the surprise of this project component is the Nokia Lumia 1020, a smartphone since it went on the market noted for its powerful sensor 41 MP who now takes a new direction in the Ultrascope. In combination with laser cut parts, 3D printed parts and a plate auxiliary for the Arduino (calls Arduino Shields) pose the observation space much more powerful and cheaper so far.

One of the most interesting ideas of this project is the fact that the telescope also promotes sharing the images for all the Ultrascope will be added that hypothetical network of domestic telescopes with that want to populate the homes of amateur astronomy.