Trinus, a 3D Printer More Recorder Made of Metal and for Less $300 Laser

The 3D printers use domestic and affordable prices (below 500-600 euros) tend to be manufactured with plastics While they offer an acceptable quality for a sporadic use, if we want to make intensive use of the machine probably any parts ending failing or unscrewing it.

Kodama wants to solve these problems and to do so they have launched the project Trinus quite successfully on Kickstarter, having passed the required funding in a few days. Why can they have aroused so much interest? Because they promise to bring a printer 3D made completely of metal parts and for less than $300.

Trinus is built with components of aluminum and steel without any plastic gear, which should give greater robustness and maintain calibration equipment for longer. It has a replaceable printhead which on the one hand supports the typical function of a 3D printer materials PLA, ABX, PC, flex and imitations of wood fibres.

But that also allows you to install a laser engraver to do drawings on wood, leather, food, Cork and soft materials. Print speed is somewhere between 70 and 150 mm/sec with a height of 50-micron layer and a print volume of 120 x 125 x 125 mm.

Price and availability

As we mentioned at the beginning, Trinus is raising funding on Kickstarter having already exceeded more than the minimum required. Its creators hope to begin sending units from August this year from $299 for basic printer or 379 dollars for the model with laser engraver.