Travel to Norway

Travel to Norway

Experience Norway’s fantastic nature and culture

Norway offers fantastic landscapes, impressive wildlife and much more. Norway is, despite its short distance from Denmark, very different from Denmark, and therefore Norway has become a popular destination for many. Whether you are interested in a relaxation holiday or an activity trip, Norway is definitely an interesting destination.

Take Tourist Travel to Norway on an adventurous journey through fjords and mountains in Europe . Here, nature meanders tirelessly through an area corresponding to nine times the size of Denmark. Although it is only a five hour drive from Copenhagen to the Norwegian border, there is a world of difference between the landscape we know and what awaits us on the journey to Norway. Norway’s nature gives ‘greatness’ a new meaning.

In the Norwegian mountains hides a landscape that only a few places in the world can match. The fjord, which can seem both peaceful and frightening, winds between curving rock formations. In the mountains live both the musk ox, the mountain fox, the wolverine, the bear and many more interesting animal species. The many national parks paint a unique backdrop for your trip to Norway. Here on this page you can read much more about what an enchanting holiday experience awaits you just a few hours from here.

Weather and climate in Norway

Norway shares latitude with Alaska, Greenland and Siberia. Now you probably imagine that on your journey to Norway you constantly chatter your teeth and tremble in your body, but that’s not the case now. The strong Gulf Stream and the warm air currents that surround Norway, contribute to a more pleasant and slightly warmer climate than what you would otherwise find on these edges. In the winter period from December to February, you can indeed experience minus degrees around the clock. If you visit Norway in the summer, your trip will involve +20 degrees, long bright days and windless conditions.

Norway’s weather and climate are as enchanting as the country’s natural landscape. In the coastal areas, the winter appears relatively mild and pleasant. Here are fantastic skiing conditions, for those who want an active holiday. Central Norway experiences somewhat colder winters, just as the summers of their area are warmer and drier. If you travel to the northern part of Norway, you can, depending on the season, experience natural phenomena such as the northern lights or the midnight sun.


Cities to experience in Norway


Norway’s enchanting capital, Oslo, is among Europe’s fastest growing cities. The pulse is intense and the city abounds with culinary, historical and cultural experiences.

Rent a bike and watch Oslo pass by in a saddle. Take a stroll down Karl Johans Gate where cozy shops are side by side. D can also visit the apartment building Losæter or admire the Akerselva waterfall in the center.


Hidden behind towering mountains lies Stavanger. Here the fjords shower right through and charming wooden houses stand in a row. Nature is a gift here.

The white sandy beach stretches along the coast, while the Lysefjord cuts through the rocks. From the pulpit at an altitude of 604 meters, you can enjoy the view of the impressive nature that unfolds here.


On your Norway trip, you should pay a visit to the world’s most beautiful glacier community, Fjærland. Here, Jostedalsbræ has shaped the area for 2.5 million years.

The small town of Mundal is right next to the water’s edge. Until 1986, it was only possible to get here by boat. Around the city, the ice fields glisten in great contrast to the bombastic, brown mountains.

Train journey in Norway

A train journey in Norway lets you roll down some of the world’s most beautiful railways. We pass glacier landscape, exciting rock formations and with a view of the fjords. Your train journey in Norway will be an unforgettable experience.

Bergen Aquarium

On the west coast of Norway is the historic and very beautiful port city, Bergen. The city is known for being among the rainiest in Europe, for its work as a major international trading and shipping city, for being Norway’s old capital and much more. If you let your Norway journey take you through Bergen, you will no doubt leave the city with new exciting knowledge.

One place where there is really something to learn is at Bergen Aquarium. Here you can with all the senses in play become wiser about life below the surface of the sea. Visit the playful otters, waddling penguins and colorful fish. Also greet sea lions, sharks, Filipino crocodiles and snakes.

The exhibitions at Bergen Aquarium are varied. For example, you can learn about the underwater rainforest, the environmental problems with the large emissions of plastic and about the many functions of seaweed. Did you know that seaweed is a super protein source? At Bergen Aquarium you will find 60 aquariums and a shark tunnel which together house 400 different animal species.

Active experiences

If there is one thing that the Norwegians are good at, it is using their unique nature as one big playground. Outdoor activities come in all shapes and sizes on your trip to Norway. If you visit the country in the winter or spring, for example, it is obvious to take a trip on the piste with skis, snowboards or toboggans.

The rushing fjords also invite to challenging and fun activities. For example, it is extremely popular to try your hand at windsurfing – also called kiting. It is even possible to try snekiting, where the activity takes place on glistening snow between enthroned mountain peaks.

Another popular water activity in Norway is packrafting. The small, inflatable boat can easily be folded and transported to where you want to start your trip on the fjord. Packrafting therefore makes it super easy to explore Norway’s fantastic mountains.

Glacier hiking