Travel to Austria

Travel to Austria

Austria – one of the most beautiful countries in the Alps

Welcome to Austria, where we can offer individual train journeys and self-guided walks in one of the most beautiful countries in the Alps.

Austria must be said to be one of the most beautiful countries in the Alps. Here, travel can offer everything from the vibrant and artistic city life of the capital Vienna to beautiful unspoilt landscapes, where red deer and golden eagles rule freely. Do not deceive yourself with the latter nature experience when traveling to Austria.

With Tourist Travel you can go hiking around the unique landscape, where you can experience Germany’s highest mountain Zugspitze, which balances on the border with Austria. You can also enjoy the crystal clear mountain lakes in the country’s many scenic valleys. Austria is the perfect travel destination if you want a nature-rich hiking experience.

Climate and weather in Austria

The climate in Austria is largely characterized by the versatile landscape, which offers everything from flat steppes to alpine areas. The summers offer an average temperature of 23-26 degrees, whereas on a trip to Austria in the winter you will experience temperatures close to zero.

Austria offers a temperate climate, which means that there are marked differences in the weather throughout the year. As we know it from Denmark, you never quite know what to expect from the weather. It is therefore always a good idea to pack a little of everything when you travel to Austria.

You must experience this in Austria

Gaistal Valley

If you want to enrich your hike with idyllic, unspoilt nature and rich wildlife, then on your trip to Austria you must make your way past the Gaistal valley. It is difficult to find a similar experience elsewhere.

In the valley you can enjoy the unique nature in the company of deer, red deer and golden eagles building their rescuers in Wetterstein’s mountain walls. In the valley you will also find crystal clear mountain lakes surrounded by white and green mountain peaks.

The route to the Gaistal Valley is also one of the most beautiful stretches on all our hikes to Austria. The route takes place by train , from where you can enjoy the wooded landscape. Do not deceive yourself for a visit to the Gaistal Valley when traveling to Austria.


The Zugspitze is often referred to as Germany’s highest mountain, but in fact the border between Germany and Austria is located on top of the 2,962 meter high mountain.

The top of the Zugspitz can be easily visited by a cable car, from where you can enjoy the absolutely spectacular panoramic view over the natural area on trips to Austria.

The cable car can be taken from the town of Ehrwald and takes just 10 minutes, after which you are at an altitude of 1,725 ​​meters. It is highly recommended to plan the trip so that you have the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise from the mountain top.

Seefeld lakes

On trips to Austria, you have the opportunity to visit the scenic Seefeld lakes when you stay in the Leutasch valley. The three most famous of the lakes are Wildmoos See, Wildsee and Möserer See.

All the lakes are incredibly popular among young and old who want to relax and take a dip in the scenic area. Some of the lakes are nice and warm – Möserer See, for example, reaches up to 25 degrees during the summer season, which you can enjoy on your Austria trip.

Möserer See, which is located in a nature reserve, is especially worth a visit on trips to Austria which take place in the summer. At this time of year, the lake area is brought to life by a diverse bird life.

Cities to experience Austria


It’s hard to get around the vibrant capital of Vienna when we talk traveling to Austria. The capital is full of contradictions – here you will meet both historic, sumptuous buildings, a myriad of green areas and modern skyscrapers.

Vienna is very much an artistic city, which serves as a source of inspiration for many. The music scene in particular takes up a lot of space in the Austrian capital, where you have the opportunity to enjoy international opera singers at the Staatsoper opera house on trips to Austria.


Ehrwald is an Austrian town located at the foot of the 2,962 meter high mountain, the Zugspitze, which you can experience on trips to Austria. The city is surrounded by spectacular nature, which among other things offers eight mountain lakes and several waterfalls.

In the surrounding area there are a wealth of activities to indulge in. The activities differentiate depending on whether you visit the city in the winter or summer semester. In the winter, for example, you can indulge in alpine curling.


The town of Leutasch is located in the Leutasch Valley, which is a stunningly beautiful area that has the Wetterstein mountain as a backdrop. The area, which you can visit on trips to Austria, offers mountain lakes such as the Seefeld lakes and the most beautiful colorful alpine flowers.

In the Leutasch valley you will find, among other things, smaller mountains that you can climb on foot. You can also choose to give your feet a rest and instead travel with the area’s cable car to the tops. Here you can enjoy a unique panoramic view over Austria.

Hiking holiday in Austria

Austria must be said to be one of the most beautiful travel destinations for a unique hiking holiday. Experience, for example, the majestic mountain Zugspitze, which sits on the border between Germany and Austria.

Questions and answers

How High is the Zugspitze?

Zugspitze is Germany’s highest mountain with a height of 2,962 meters. Many hikes on trips to Austria and Germany make their way past the majestic mountain. You can also enjoy the view from the top of the mountain on trips to Austria with a cable car.

What should I pack for a hike?

It is very different what you have to pack for a hike depending on where the journey goes. Therefore, we have prepared a number of package lists , which are adapted to the different destinations and routes. The weather in Austria can be just as unpredictable as what we know from Denmark, and it is therefore always good to be prepared for a bit of everything when traveling to Austria.

How do I see the difficulty of the hikes?

For all our hiking and trekking trips, we have indicated the difficulty of the routes next to them. That way, it is easier for yourself to assess whether a given trip fits with your skills and preferences. You are of course always welcome to contact us if you are in doubt before booking travel to Austria.

Seefeld lakes