Tools That Reach The ISS Do by E-Mail to Make Print Them in 3D

Send equipment to the international space station It is not exactly easy or affordable. Therefore, when you perform makes possible to optimizing the vehicle and get what really is necessary. From now on, there will be certain tools that will no longer be necessary because they are already doing them will arrive by email.

NASA has confirmed that the first tool already has been sent by email and print 3D later in the ISS. Thanks to a partnership with the company Made in Space has been possible to send the 3D model to create an adjustable spanner with which it has been possible to make repairs to the station. A small step that speeds up a logistic process very slow the circumstances.

Zero gravity 3D printing

In mid November, the ISS received a 3D printer, a week later, manufacture a replacement for this same team. This is done when they received a call from the station on Earth asking for a key they decided to send it by e-mail so they could produce it there and not wait for the next shipment.

Once you have completed this small experiment successfully, the next step is to continue to produce objects and not sit in the timely printing of a tool. We are sure that at this point you’ll be wondering how a printer 3D in zero gravity? Navigating your website we found little technical information on its operation but the design suggests that it is a special power shell working with microgravity without major problems.

In the case of the print tool on the ISS, it is a modified version of a key to be able to seize it more comfortably and can be used without a problem. It consists of a single piece and did not lack print materials over to hold the structure.