Tired of Having to Assemble Furniture for The Living Room? Then Print Them in 3D

The technologies of 3D printing you are called to revolutionize the production of objects in our homes, although so far most models are small.

This could change if projects such as BigRep they become more popular and go forward in the coming years. What is it? So basically a printer model in three dimensions of an intermediate size between domestic and industrial.

It has a volume of useful printing of 115 x 100 x 120 cm, enough to build small furniture and means that we can print both in plastic as a material of synthetic wood composed of fibers and polymers.

The problem? As usual, the price of the printer, which is situated in a 39,000 dollars. However, this model and other similar which may be popping could be focused studies of architecture or shops where would printed us our own designs, rather than to have one of these machines at home.