Tiko Is a Unibody Almost Irresistible Priced 3D Printer

3D printing is still trying to win a hole in our lives, but prices traditionally high of these devices have made it difficult. Cheap models that allowed users to approach this segment have appeared, but now comes Tiko, a particularly attractive proposal by its performance and above all, for its price.

The simple 3D printer These entrepreneurs have a design already by surprise and is peculiar. In a curious triangle with very rounded edges, height 39 cm and 24 cm wide we have at our disposal the of 3D printing system controlled by three arms that go placing the printhead in the proper position to offer a craft task processing.

This device makers indicate that the precision can reach the 50 microns, but another advantage is its design unibody that makes sure the printer is completely waterproof inside and that there is no problem with external elements that may affect the quality of the printed 3D object.

Among its advantages is wearing strands of non-owner – any strand of 1.75 mm works – allowing you to experiment with different materials. Tiko has wireless connectivity and includes a simple 3D printing program for preparing print jobs. A very interesting bet that already is running on a campaign of collective funding on Kickstarter. If you want to pick up one of these printers – arrival is scheduled for November of 2015- you only have to pay $179.