Tiko Is a 3D Good Nice and Cheap Printer

Surely you’ve raised you buy a 3D printer. And you’re probably waiting for to improve some functions, or that they are more compact and that they not bulk lots of space and above all that lower price. If we’re going to Kickstarter and look for 3D printers will find ourselves with Tiko, a which is very affordable 3D printer. In addition is really compact, used material standard and if you look at his size we can print relatively large parts thanks to its design and the way in which moves the extruder.

Hey, Tiko has a lot of advantages, so it is not surprising that it has already achieved its financing. Review them all.

Tiko has a modular design, unibody, so it has no moving parts in sight, and we gain in security if we have children at home thanks to its closed design. Prints with different materials such as PLA, ABS, NYLON or HIPS and standard rolls, something that other smaller printers do not have and then making that material comes out expensive. And it also has Wi-Fi connectivity to eliminate cables and put it on any website.

If we add to all this that it has a resolution of up to 50 microns, will understand by what Tiko because it has managed its funding, in particular has raised 10 times more than it needed to launch it to the market. And that the price that I said before is really low. In particular we can get a printer Tiko from $179, a bargain then to comply with everything it promises, but it will have to wait until the year coming to have her at home.