Thus Is as 3D Printing Has Helped Derby, a Dog with Malformation in The Legs

The case of Derby It is unique in its kind, but it nonetheless be peculiar and allows you to glimpse the vast possibilities that the 3D printing It has to improve the quality of life. Either people… or, as in this case, A dog.

Derby is a Mongrel that He was born with a malformation in the front legs that it made any impossible its proper motion. He had the fortune, after a season in a protective, to fall into the hands of Tara Anderson, an employee of the company 3DSystems that designs three-dimensional models and then mold them with the respective 3D printers. The next step? Which you expect.

Tara and his team designed a prosthesis for the Forelegs of Derby, specifically for it. After a period of learning, the result is the video that I leave here below: Derby moved slowly and awkwardly, and with new prostheses now gets not only a higher speed if not also more stability and security in his steps:

Another small milestone for 3D printing, for some time it has been being a simple toy to become an increasingly important tool in other professional fields. The medicine has shown us some (both prosthesis and internal bones) and now the veterinary is that acts with this new invention. Welcome.