Three Excellent Gadgets Based on Raspberry IP You Want to Have

Raspberry IP continues to talk about. And this time not talking about projects that we can do ourselves, but we will see three gadgets that use a Raspberry Pi to make them work, and that they are (or will be) available commercially if they get funding. In particular, a 3D printer of resin’s tiny size, a machine to write for the times they run and a camera. The three used a Raspberry Pi.

iBox Nano, the 3D printer will want to have and that does not take anything from space

If you’ve always wanted to have a 3D printer to print small parts and you haven’t done enough site for a new gadget at home, you will probably want to take a good look at the Nano iBox. It is of the more small, quiet, and inexpensive 3D printer printing objects in resin. It can operate even with batteries and print wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

The goodness of the printer include a good resolution at a minimum size. The printer uses UV LED with high durability, so we won’t have to worry much about its maintenance. It also uses a proprietary software which, in principle, it seems very easy to use. And it used a Raspberry Pi.

The iBox Nano seeks funding on Kickstarter. In fact, it has already achieved it so in a few months you can have a if it is that you contribute to the project. That Yes, cheap financing options, from 189 dollars, because they are covered.

Hemingwrite Typewriter would a machine? write Raspberry IP-based

Just that there are programs that remove all distractions from the computer screen in order to concentrate on writing, the idea of having a device with a keyboard that will help us to write and nothing more than to write not is seems like a bad idea. The Hemingwrite Typewriter is a machine to write different and with some twists of script, which allows us to write our own for six months.

With the Raspberry Pi as “brain”, the Hemingwrite Typewriter has with an e-ink screen to ensure the durability of the battery and the readability of our texts. And what else has to win our hearts? Thus has a mechanical keyboard, connection Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, backups in Evernote and Google Docs form continues, and an aluminum chassis. Until you run a credit card, you should know that it is not yet available commercially. If you want to know more you can follow them on Twitter. And no, the keys will be printed, what happens is that the images are of the first prototypes.

OTTO, the camera that creates GIF animated

The animated GIF had the time in internet years, and there are web sites that continue to use pair give some speed to your news. One of its disadvantages is the need to have an application to create them, what takes away much of the fun. Not anymore. The camera OTTO allows us to create GIF animated easily and dump them to a mobile phone or other device in a simple way.

And if we do not want to make GIF? As there is no problem, because we can also put a note of geolocation in our photos, make stereograms in real time, timelapse and ultimately a lot of tricks and more effects. OTTO utili za a Raspberry Pi compute module to lighten weight and size.

OTTO already got their funding in June This year, so if you want to get one you can look at your funding or project page for more information.

Three commercial gadgets based on the really original Raspberry Pi and giving us more clues of what things we can do with it.