This Turtle Will Return to a Normal Life Thanks to a Printed Jaw 3D

When we speak of implants the first thing that comes to mind are those who people take. However, we are not the only ones we carry artificial parts to replace damaged another. The animals also have these needs sometimes and that technology plays a key role. There is no better example of this that has happened to him a few days ago in Turkey.

In the center of rescue and rehabilitation of in Denizli Pamukkale University, a group of researchers found a torture marina about 100 kilos on the beach. His head was damaged and had lost part of the peak. Thanks to a 3D printer and a virtual model designed for this animal, You can now enjoy a new jaw that allows you to live normally.

Titanium based on scan printing

Part was made to measure living turtle with a 3D authoring tool and using a cat scan to redo the hole that had. Later came a piece with a printer using titanium for medical applications and thus create a jaw that could be attached to the animal’s head.

In public information that has been given to know the details of the production of the piece are not specified. However, it is not the first time that creates a jaw of titanium with a printer so 3D It is very likely that they have used a very similar method. The development of the project lasted two months and the operation to put the prosthesis lasted a couple of hours.

The turtle is in rehabilitation to waiting to see if the implant it is accepted by the body and does not cause a rejection. If you are curious about the issue, it is not the first time that something similar occurs with other animal species. Long 3DSystems developed titanium implants to replace the cruciate ligaments of the legs of the dogs with the aim that they return to walk.