This Printed Prosthesis in 3D Will Allow Children to Have a Hand like Iron Man

Carry one prosthesis It must not be easy and less if you’re a child. We have seen some cases of how 3D printing help to create pieces of all kinds to replace tips or help people with problems when moving. All have a very functional finish but nothing aesthetically and precisely why Pat Starace thought that they could do a little more fun but equally useful.

His response has been to create a printed prosthesis 3D it mimics the finish of the famous Gauntlets for Iron Man. A very attractive finish, and geek, to encourage children to do a little more cheerful his physical disability and can continue to have an artificial hand that can be used in everyday life.

A functional prosthesis with technological extras

Starace work is something more than pure aesthetics. His prototype comes equipped with an Arduino board, a battery and a chip Bluetooth Low Energy so that the prosthesis can perform some actions like opening a small compartment and do to shoot a laser or light in the Palm of your hand that is identical to that used Tony Stark with his robotic suit.

Its creator says there is still room for improvement and that it has raised introduce more sensors and even an advanced clock but at the moment what has now presented is really interesting and useful. We can do it at home if we have the appropriate materials, skill and a little patience.

To print parts, with a Deezemaker Bukobot, we will need 48 hours, which must be added the revised parts and Assembly of all next to the electrical components. Not suitable for all audiences but cast an eye to the video a few lines above, the end result is worth.