This Electric Hand Is a Printed Prosthesis in 3D and Also Open Source

One of the fields where the 3D printing is having ever greater participation and with very good results is in the manufacture of prostheses, making these be more affordable and available to more people.

“Hackberry”(don’t be fooled by the name) is the most recent development of a Japanese company name exiii, which consists of a hand where all of its elements have been printed in 3D, but also its creators have decided to publish all the code to grow the project and all can contribute to the project and this grows”.

Hackberry, more than a prosthesis, a project that seeks to reach more people

exiii is a Japanese company that for several years he has been researching in the field of printing 3D applied to prostheses, and this Hackberry is just its third development, with him they want to reach a large number of people so you have decided to make it of open source, publish all drawings for printing, as well as features that are required for your programming.

The advantage of the Hackberry is not requiring complex configurations, including It can be programmed from a smartphone. Another remarkable element of this prosthesis is able to implement any type of battery compartments and guaranteeing its availability in much of the world.

Hackberry, in comparison with the first development “Handii”, has a more flexible wrist which extends the range of movements, counts as a smaller Palm with the idea of making it attractive for women, as well as the ability to distinguish an object at the time of hold to choose the type of grip right.

Hackberry files are available for download at GitHub exiii page, and here we can find all the data model, code, and sensors for 3D printing. Its creators mentioned that the total cost of a prosthesis of this type It must not exceed the $300 and this a very accessible to several markets option, does so in addition to being open source we could be before a possible improved version with new options according to taste or need of every person.