This Bullet Would Make Printed Weapons 3D Even More Dangerous

3D printing It came to offer an expanded variety of options and developments, many of them aimed to have products or objects with a more “easily”, where we could see from aid, works of art, to tools for astronauts, among other developments.

But as it is usual in the case of new technologies, there are also projects that cause controversy, as for example guns printed in 3D, same who have not had much success (fortunately) due to that they do not support many shots before warp or break, which could change thanks to this new bullet.

Lethal weapon toy

Bugs submitted in the majority of 3D printed pistols carried a mechanic for 25 years who lives in Pennsylvania, United States, named Michael Crumling, to develop a model of pistol that has an outdoor top, where the cartridge sits, this with the intention not to damage the weapon, but for this you will need a special bullet.

The.32-caliber bullet is one inch (2.54 cm) of depth inside a thick metal cap, What makes the force of the explosion is absorbed by the cartridge and not by the Chamber gun, thus avoiding the damage of the same, since the cartridge makes the function of another canon of metal which has the same gun.

In the first tests have been 19 shooting without damage to the weapon, and even Crumling has put on its website levels for the manufacture of the pistol, fortunately, munitions require much more work, since they are manufactured individually and each requires about an hour of work at a total cost of 27 cents in materials.

Another advantage of these bullets, but that the CAP can be used, making this development extremely attractive for all those firearms enthusiasts printed in 3D, and in the same way the design of these bullets has been available to everyone, since Mr Crumling says have no intention of selling or design or bullets.

Here we are entering dangerous ground, since in the absence of a regulation or any type of restriction, someone with sufficient time and resources, can be of a firearm capable of cause a tragedy without a trace, so are becoming more necessary laws and regulations for the handling of this type of printing devices, until this is out of control.