They Manage to Play Music on a Disc Created with a 3D Printer

As my grandmother would say, the times advance is an outrage. Recently designer Amanda Ghassaei got playing music on a disc created with a 3D printer, highlighting the incredible resolution that can achieve these printers and the possibilities that it opens in the design world.

For this technical demonstration exercise – because as you can see in the video, the quality is far from acceptable- Amanda digital tracks has become a three-dimensional model that you can interpret the printer thanks to a program that she has created, and that means the sound wave data of the depth of the Groove of the disc, which is what plays a traditional turntable needle.

As I said earlier, no practical use, but it seems to me a very interesting research work the of explore the limits of the technology that we have, in this case a printer Objet Connex500 3D with 600 dpi resolution on the x-axis and and, as well as 16 microns in the Z, much better than others which we have displayed as the 3D form 1 or the 2 Replicator, which have 25 and 100 respectively.

What do you think? A relevant research or a waste of time?