They Manage to Create Homemade Vinyl Using a 3D Printer

The 3D printers futile to completely revolutionise the concept of the download content. Evidence of this is an experiment that has carried out Amanhda Ghassaei, of the Instructables website. Ghassaei proposed create a traditional vinyl record from MP3 audio files using a 3D printer.

The result is not that it sounds great, but is a standard vinyl that works well in conventional players to 33 Rpm. Its only downside is that, for the time being, the quality is a quarter that of an MP3, 5 or 6 bit resolution to 11KHz.

The issue is that Ghassaei has managed to create a specific algorithm based on libraries Arduino that makes the MP3 file (the one used commonly by 3D printers) STL file with the geometry of a vinyl record.

The printer used for the experiment has been one Objet Connex 500 having higher resolution than usual. Specifically 600 Dpi in the axes x e and and 16 microns on the Z axis. The process can be improved and shows accuracy in electronic functionality that could achieve these printers in the very near future. On Instructables, you can find a detailed description of the process.