These Incredible Prostheses Are Able to Transform Children into Superheroes or Princesses

Those who have suffered the amputation of a limb, know how complicated it is, since it’s to start a new life, a new way to see and participate in the world, in addition to often faced with looks and the rejection of others, not to mention the complications to find work. Now imagine all this in a child.

Children who are born without an arm or who suffer amputation, face one of the most difficult situations of your life, where you have to interact with other children and at that age, many of them may be too cruel, leaving them at a clear disadvantage in a scenario of vulnerability. Why have emerged several projects that have developed special kids prosthesis, designed more social and human side, but in conjunction with the medical aspect.

3D printed robotic prostheses for children

As I mentioned, it is good to know that continue emerging initiatives of this kind, seeking transform a prosthesis in a social tool, to grant trust who use it, and that in children is essential. We have already seen one with Iron Man design and one that makes use of Legos, but now we have a new project that leverages the popular Disney franchises.

The Open Bionics company specializes in the manufacture and design of prosthetic robotic printed in 3D, which makes that they are low cost and are within the reach of anyone. But now, they have supported by Disney through its accelerator, thus obtaining access to licenses for some franchises, but with the great advantage that you don’t have to pay for them, Disney gives them for this project without cost.

It is as well as the company has created three designs of prosthetics for children, one of Jedi from Star Wars, Iron Man and Frozen Elsa. Three prostheses have LED lighting and are consonant sounds can be adapted to the character. But another advantage, is that they not only have access to the use of the name and design, but also supported by people and creative team of Marvel, Disney and Star Wars, the latter for example, have access to the laboratory ILMxLAB of Lucasfilms.

This of course brings a benefit for both companies, on the one hand Disney expands its product portfolio and gives a greater reach of its brands, while Open Bionics develops interesting variants of its products that may be used by children for a better quality of life.

Open Bionics It has not released a date so these prostheses go on sale, so far only prototypes have been created, but expected in a few months have more news about the availability and marketing.