These Dentures So Realistic Are The Work of Stratasys 3D Printer

A 3D printer in every imaginable business. Leaving aside to drones, I do not know another pileup that is covering both market, at the same time that evolves in quality, also makes it in proximity to different levels of the purchasing power of consumers.

In the International Dental Show that it is taking place in Cologne, Germany, we found the news of one of the companies strong in this field: Stratasys. The American company offers a machine capable of recreating dental pieces with great fidelity of dentists and Orthodontists.

We have one of the most striking details in the final reproduction in the natural colouring in teeth and gums.

With the descriptive name of Objet260 Dental 3D Printer Selection, the printer has a considerable size, much larger than what we are used to teach here, signature as MakerBot, It happens to be owned by Stratasys.

The size of the printer is inversely proportional to the definition which is able to get in – less than 16 Micron layers – printing, thanks to a triple injection system that enables laboratories to play dental models as those who see in the images.

The definition and similarity of parts and lace holds a special value in this world, since everything has to marry perfectly to avoid bad experiences. But It is not created models to put in the mouth of anyone, but test drives created in the likeness of the mouth that are going to try, in which place dental appliances before having access to the actual patient. Also to show patients what he is doing with his mouth.