These Ceramic Vases Have Been Created with a 3D Printer

Little by little 3D printing you are growing and overcoming obstacles. It is not only capable of creating small pieces they can be objects of all kinds. In fact up to now we have seen models who work with materials that are not plastic threads. So the artist Olivier Van Herpt has achieved is an interesting breakthrough in these two directions.

This craftsman and Dutch engineer has been working two years to create a 3D printer that fits your needs. On the one hand to create a tool that is able to create larger objects and on the other be able of a material with which Olivier works in their daily lives: lto pottery.

Mechanical craftsmen

This model of printer, you can see it below, it is able to print objects with a height of 80 cm and a diameter of 42 cm. Dimensions large enough to do a piece with a sizeable objects. In other cases we have seen that objects can do so but always by attaching several smaller parts.

The curious thing about this invention is that it uses Clay sediments as material. The system is then identical to the rest of the printers we’ve seen so far: becoming different able from the bottom to the top giving that touch rugged and so characteristic of these machines. Yet the finish that gives his creations is very showy.

Printer greatly facilitates the work of ceramics and also allows experience more easily to create forms of all kinds. At the moment its creator has no plans to mass produce its creation but will at least already making clear that future 3D printing can be more versatile and useful in every day.