Then 3D Printing Becomes Glowforge, Laser Cutter

If 3D printers do not you end up convincing, this Glowforge I think that Yes it will make it. At least a mi me has conquered and now I’d like to have one at home. Because the creative options offered are simply brutal.

Glowforge, as you can see in the video below, is a 3D laser printer. Or rather, a laser cutter. With her, and after the detection of the type of material introduced, we would be able to cut cardboard or food, mark aluminum and much more.

With features such as detection of material, ease of your connection and Setup, mobile applications from which to print, accurate cuts and more, the Glowforge is desired by many “toy”.

And hey, are 1995 dollars for the basic model, 2495 for the basic air filter, and most air filter $3995 for the Pro. A high price but if we take into account to 50% due to its promotion of release I think that it is not so much.

In addition, creative studios would have one more than useful tool and users makers the ideal companion for his experiments at home. You can create your next lamps, prints or paintings among other things more.