The Wiki Weapon and The Era of The Printable Gadgets

Cody Wilson is a student of American law with a very American dream which all citizens can manufacture its own guns to defend themselves. To make this more than a questionable goal worthy of a sequel of Bowling for columbine, Wilson has launched the initiative Defense Distributed.

The goal of Defense Distributed is to create the Wiki Weapon, a gun anyone could manufacture at home if you have the right CAD file and a 3D printer.

The aim of Wilson has been frustrated by Stratasys, the company had given a 3D printer in leasing our lover of firearms. Wilson released a video showing its printable gun project and Stratasys confiscated printer claiming that the leasing contract would not allow illegal activities.

The complaints of Wilson have failed to so retrieve the printer, so the entrepreneur from arms trafficking has appealed to the crowdfuding to achieve its objective. Print a weapon is, in my opinion, a complete nonsense, but the idea of Wilson serves to illustrate the infinite possibilities that have domestic 3D printers.

It is not difficult to imagine a future in which we can download covers for our mobile and even accessories and gadgets or tools simple. It would suffice to print a PDF with instructions and parts to assemble. At the moment the only limit is the price of 3D printers and our imagination.