The White House Thanks to The 3D Printing Community Debuts Created Christmas Decorations

We continue with new uses for 3D printing. If a few hours ago we talked about the case of Derby, but now changed registration to enter dates that we are: Christmas decoration.

Obviously 3D printing has much to say on Christmas decorations. With very little to create our balls from the Christmas tree or details to put on the wall or hanging from the ceiling, for example. However, in Instructables had an initiative that goes one step beyond: design and print various Christmas items that will serve as a decoration on the White House, For more late pass to the National Museum of American History. There is nothing.

Hundreds of users suggested their designs, and all of them, twenty finalists were selected by popular vote. The final phase consisted in Choose the five winners, whose models are those who see in the images in this article, and that will be that are printed to decorate the East Wing of the White House, traditionally intended for various services and office of the first lady.

The competition has been organized by Instructables with the sponsorship from companies such as Autodesk (who have a long wanting to be put in this 3D printing) and both the White House and the Smithsonian Institution, manages the Museum and it has also put at the disposal of the contestants platform that works should be followed.

The next step now that the winners know is to print the different elements and hang in the White House. Interested in knowing them? Here you can download the source files of the five models that have gained.