The Story of a Robot That Was Born of a 3D Printer and Is Riding It Solo

The 3D printing progress continues and every so often leaves us new creations. It is true that there is still until we see business models but it is interesting to monitor this sector to check that the movements that are being made are consistent.

This week we are celebrating in Germany ICRA, a conference where researchers from around the world present their projects of robots and automata. One of the most curious comes from the union of the departments of computer science from MIT and biological engineering at Harvard.

This robot, as you can tell by the title of the post, has rather curious attributes: it can be manufactured in a 3D printer and once it was built, itself is mounted through the use of materials with thermal memory effect.

Or what is the same: when heated, some parts of your body change shape. Allowing you, warming up a form in concrete, bending and going to finish assembling its final form. We must clarify that Yes, that the battery and the engine We have to install us previously manually.

Another feature, which you can see in the video, is the fact that these robots move as crawler geomensoras. These caterpillars that insurance have seen in a documentary or animated, ever move by raising your entire body.

The project is quite curious, especially if we take into account that the only process which involved the human being can be automated with another robot. At the moment its practical use seems a little limited but is just a matter to consider possible uses.