The Shell Damaged in This Turtle Because It Will Not Be a Problem Thanks to The 3D Printing

Every day we know more stories involving the use of 3D printing, from accessories and tools, to slightly more complex articles, it is a reality is that 3D printing is a technology that has gradually found its place in all kinds of disciplines and everything seems to indicate that we will see her in many more.

One of the areas where is present with a great success and good results is within the field of medicine through prostheses, helping people to have a better quality of life, but also to the animals who have received benefits of this technology such as dog Derby and now see Cleopatra turtle.

3D printing continues to save lives, is now the turn of Cleopatra

Cleopatra is a turtle Leopard suffering from a malformation in his shell called “pyramidal” which makes peaks large and non-uniform way, grow resulting in its interaction with other turtles put at risk their health and that of their partners. In addition the shell has suffered cracks and weakening, this caused by a diet that does not correspond to your needs as a herbivorous animal.

The shell damage put at risk the life of Cleopatra due to infections and wounds, which has resulted in insulation with special care who seek to protect it. Fortunately Nico Novelli, owner of the rescue Center for reptiles Canyon Critters and Roger Henry, designer of Colorado Technical University, they have devised an amazing solution to this problem.

They have given to the task of creating a prosthesis in the form of shell made from plastic derived from corn and printed in 3D which adapts seamlessly to the shell of Cleopatra, protecting it at all times and allowing wounds to heal. The process required nearly 600 hours of modeling in 12 different programs, but in the end everything has been successful.

The shell has been fixed with velcro and shall only use it while you are in contact with other turtles, will allow you to play and interact with their friends without the risk of infections and more damage to its shell. The good news is that in Canyon Critters will be in charge of it since a diet adequate carapace You can heal in a few years, giving to Cleopatra at least 80 more years of life.