The Printer 3D Form 1 Wants to Materialize in High-Resolution Our Designs

If you are an enthusiast of three-dimensional printers sure I like the new model of the company Formlabs, the Form 1, a device that will allow us to print all kinds of objects through a process known as Stereolithography.

Unlike conventional 3D printers that use plastics that are van overlaying layer after layer, this technique is based on the solidification of a resinous polymer by the action of a laser directed with precision for composing the different layers.

This is achieved to improve the spatial resolution up to the 25 microns per coat in the z axis, rather than of other printers of comparable price. The Form 1 can create objects in half (from about x 12 12 x 15.6 cm) dimensions using its own software and a resin of grey which costs some $150 per litre.

It will be available from April in United States and Canada (as you can go by booking on its website) at a price of some 2,700 euros, what no doubt will be within the reach of many small businesses and design professionals who work from home.