The Plaster to Treat Broken Bones Is The Past: Welcome to 3D Printing

Plaster and all disadvantages that have to endure when we have a fracture and there is no further possibility of recovery have a bad future with the arrival of 3D printing. The project Cortex, for now only an idea, is aimed at using new technologies of printing in three dimensions and best materials such as plastic to create a plaster of our times with more advantages than disadvantages.

Cortex uses the advantages of the 3D printing and, after scanning the area fractured in three dimensions, this information is combined with an x-ray plate and is treated by computer. There is a stone customized for this particular fracture model.

(Nylon) material and design of this future treatment – for now is nothing more than a concept of Jake Evill – allows specific for each type of fracture treatment, in addition to a system more ventilated and comfortable to carry, that is can wet and is easy to apply and remove, in addition to recyclable.