The Locks Come into The List of Problems of Security Associated with The 3D Printing

When it became known that it was possible to create a 3D printer firearms more than one began to worry seriously about the dangers that could entail the use of this technology. Now to the list of problems with these machines you must add one very important: keys and locks.

A couple of engineers have developed Photobump, a software that can scan the same structure thanks to the image of a lock and create a plastic key that gives access to the gate that blocks. Their work will be presented the month coming to a Convention of Locksmiths in Holland.

Old technique, modern technology

In the world of Locksmiths there is a technique called bumping. This consists in Insert a wrench with the lowest position which become pistons and then give him a small blow to blow up all the contrapistones. Although it was discovered some time, it was not until 2002 when it began to use illegally.

The main advantage of this system is that It is quiet and does not force the Pistons the lock so it is very subtle. The downside is that it is as simple as using a more sophisticated locking system to end the problem. With this technology, and a printer 3D of the lot, is shown that make a key bumping is anyone.

Of course, the creators of this software not intended to release its software that either learn to bypass a lock but that want to raise awareness to the Guild of the problems involving the Pistons locks: been outdated and anyone with a bit of skill is able to skip them.