The Galaxy Gear Comes – Tick the Koreans Right?

Surely Koreans tick yet quite rightly, because the new Samsung Galaxy gear is a super help to operate your Smartphone without having you need to pull it out of the bag – with us you can pre-order the clock in our online shop!

The Galaxy gear is really handy to operate the new Samsung smartphones, such as for example the new Samsung Galaxy touch 3. Samsung smartphones makes the clock even easier operation, as to pull his Samsung cell phone out of his pocket will no longer needed for much, when you’re wearing the Galaxy gear on the wrist. Do you know what can the Galaxy gear?

Can the Samsung Galaxy gear: the Samsung Galaxy gear shows all calls, text messages and other notifications you received on your Smartphone, you can use also the MP3 player of your mobile phone with you and call the contacts from the phone book of your Smartphone thanks to S-voice speech recognition and record short voice memos with you.

The design of the Galaxy gear is futuristic, but then so this discreet and elegant, that it goes through at first glance as a normal, stylish watch. Your display frame is made of metal, the case and the bracelet of the watch are made of plastic. The Samsung Galaxy gear has a 1.63-inch AMOLED display with 320 x 320 pixels. And: you can’t look at it even photos! The Galaxy gear is bigger than most of the watches and weighs as much as other watches with their weight of less than 74 grams also. For more individuality, you can download various dials on Samsung for the Galaxy gear. Do you want to play James Bond times? A 1.9 mega pixel camera with auto focus, with which you can take photos and shoot ten seconds-long videos in James Bond-style inside the bracelet of the Galaxy gear. Bluetooth 4.0, you send all photos and videos on your Samsung phone.

Do you like the Samsung Galaxy gear? With us in the shop you can order it’s with a cheap mobile phone funding.