The First Printed in 3D, a Liver, Organ Will Arrive in 2014

Long ago that we have been talking about the advances made in medicine thanks to 3D printers, and now a company of Bio-printing call Organovo He wants to revolutionize the market and achieve print a human liver in 2014.

That would mean that many patients could be guaranteed this organ transplant thanks to the 3D printing technology which makes use of a very special material: printed layers upon layers of human tissue.
The problems affecting this procedure – cells that died after being printed, production of the vascular system – seem to have been overtaken by Organovo, indicating that it has come to settle the issue of the vascular system in tests in which the tissue was perfect for 40 days.

The company’s engineers have also been capable of producing different cells involved in the normal functioning of the human liver, and those responsible for preparing the launch of the model year coming, although Initially it will be earmarked for research and its use in laboratory for medical tests, for example in regards to research for new medicines.

These developments suggest that this type of developments they will soon get to the human patients need that different organs are transplanted them. At Organovo indicate that “it is too early to speculate on the spectrum of applications that tissue engineering will eventually offer or efficiency that will be achieved”. Cautious words that may not stop the expectation that generate this type of developments.