The DRM Comes to The 3D Printers to Limit The Production of Objects

3D printers have opened many fronts when it comes to debating. Including the ever recurring legal and piracy: You should be allowed, or not, the free movement of files so we can print whatever you want… Issues that they go faster coming from these gadgets.

Some want to go to protecting all the possibilities and so a start-up in California has created a DRM system that allows each file to be print only once, Thus it would slow production to further scale of any object.

Instead of downloading the file and print the copies you want, Authentise will be in charge of send the file directly to the printer without that will store a copy of the file. At the moment their welcome has been timid but seems to want to expand to all systems.

Said an announcement anti piracy that you not Autobus a car. The truth is that a printer 3D this could be true, with a number of nuances of course. The case, many companies have begun to move to protect their works and that not everyone can print them.

Also the controversy opened long ago by the possible manufacture of firearms with 3D printers. At the moment, all these debates are much more advanced than reality itself: teams are still not accessible to everyone, the prices are expensive… We’ll see what happens in the future, but it is clear that its use goes beyond to replicate business objects.