The Best Gift That These Blind Students Received Is This Printed Yearbook in 3D

One of the elements we most treasure those who we have graduated from college without a doubt is our school Yearbook, where whenever you need it can use it to remember that person or group of friends who were part of our lives during this special time.

But for years, the yearbooks have always been an item completely visual, then What happens with visually impaired students?, Maybe this has been created a Yearbook with the faces of all the classmates printed in 3D.

Tactile memories

New graduates of the national school for the blind in South Korea have been the first to receive a printed Yearbook in 3D which consists in extremely detailed busts of his eight companions settled on a basis that bears a plaque with the name of the companion written in braille.

The Touchable Yearbooks they have been created by the South Korean company 3D TEK and Innocean Worldwide, who gave these students a memory that shall remain for years, in addition of being a great gift in keeping with the Christmas season.

But best of all is to look at the reactions of these students to receive this unique and innovative Yearbook, reactions that were captured in the following video:





Visually Impaired South Korean Students Receive 3D Printed …

Visually Impaired South Korean Students Receive 3D Printed ...