Soon We Will Photocopy Objects in 3D in Our Homes

One of the most revolutionary changes we’ll see in the coming years in our homes will come from the hand of the 3D printers and its multiple applications.

However, so that its use is popularized we need, as well as a refinement of the technology and a prices reduced, There is one sufficient number of designs of objects ready to print to attract great public attraction.

Normal so far was that these objects are created through application of design in three dimensions, which requires knowledge and skills out of the reach of most consumers.

The solution? Then make a scanner 3D scan the shape of objects of the real world in a simple, fast and economical way. This is what it purports to MakerBot company, known today by its 3D printers, and that just announced the development of the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner.

The shape of the objects it is a device, time in very primitive version, which uses a series of cameras and lasers to scan and convert it into a data file that can be used directly on 3D printers.

Come on, what they want is to make a kind of simple objects in 3D photocopier, or at least its outward appearance, since the laser does not penetrate below the surface.

Which utility can have this at home? Because when fully developed can serve us to duplicates of small objects, ornaments, spare parts for devices and home computers, and even to create replicas of dishes, glasses, mobile covers, housings, light switches, and an endless number of objects that surely we will occur over time.