Sony Minis, Idea of Playing with The Phone But on The PSP

The PSP Go Sony have you got much stronger after the brand Conference yesterday. Two are the elements that give it more meaning: the so-called Sony Minis and the comic reader It’s coming soon.

Minis It is a new category of games of small size (less than 100 MB), ease of programming and more idle claims, more hang out front of the console. To put it in some way, Sony has moved to their Minis the spirit of the games for mobile: cheap, simple, and perfect for anytime.

October 1 leave along with the PSP Go

If you attend to the names of those who are already known to arrive, as the Tetris, you will see what we are talking about. The idea to Sony is that for when the PSP Go goes on sale, back in October 1, is available up to 15 of these mini-games. At the end of this year the industry should have already in catalogue some 50 titles.

Although perhaps the main attraction of these games Minis for PSP consoles from Sony is its low price, nothing yet on what the brand meant by economic is known. What we do know is that they boost the idea of online games and downloadable content store.

Comic reader for PSP

Another impulse that Sony has given to his future PSP Go is called Digital Reader, and at the moment the main content which will take are comics. Marvel is the most interested in this idea, which is good news. Will be called Digital Comics.

However there is still the question of how the service will be managed, how much will cost if it is hard to have it on our handheld and if comics rent them, buy or we support them. Again, what we do know is that we will have to go through the Sony store.