Solidoodle Has Launched a New 3D Printer Cheap, Pretty and Easy to Use

A 3D printer is one of the most attractive devices with which a technology enthusiast can do currently. Although its performance greatly improved during the past two years and its price has begun to go down, they are still relatively complex and expensive, two handicaps that may discourage some users. These are precisely the disadvantages that have attempted to resolve the US manufacturer of 3D Solidoodle printers.

Although it has just released several new models, the most interesting for the majority of home users is which have dubbed as Press. And is that, according to its creators, has been designed to offer an extremely easy to use, affordable and a nice design that does not clash in the interior of a conventional home (if you had the opportunity to see some about 3D printer have found that most of them are really ugly).

As you can see in the picture that illustrates this post, the Solidoodle Press is not ugly. At least printing platform seems much more discrete than the traditional 3D printers which leave uncovered. On the other hand, its creators have confirmed that the Press has a automatic calibration system that works very well, making it easy to use. In single frame you will find a single button, and, according to its creators, the software supplied with the printer has been redesigned to make it more affordable than previous versions.

But, undoubtedly, the most attractive feature of this 3D printer is its price. On the Solidoodle website can be found at present to $399 (300 euros), and the delivery time ranges between six and eight weeks (possibly will increase somewhat for shipments outside the United States). However, the manufacturer has announced that this price will be increased somewhat in the future when they give ended the initial introductory offer. The truth is that it looks good. You can that it has time to pay real attention to 3D printers.