So Is Printed Car Local 3D Motors: LM3D Swim Will Be a Year-Round Reality That Comes

For 50,000 dollars you can buy a headset or you can ask to print you a car, so is crazy the world of technology. The people of Local Motors they had already been playing with the idea, presenting it in classrooms, but they were not so specific with dates and prices.

What you can see in the images, also on video, is the LM3D Swim, a car created using techniques of 3D printing, what will happen to production so that ordinary people can buy it. Local Motors wants us to book it in spring, to put it really on sale at the end of 2016.

At Local Motors they want to print 2,400 cars a year. Propulsion will be electric

But if it sounds dangerous that us riding in a car that has been created with printers, nor the way in which they want to buy it seems very stable: crowdfunding. It will launch an initiative Indiegogo to get an initial money enabling you to create the first units.

Its appearance is the of a fun car, buggy plan, with an outdoor upper zone, and room for four occupants. It seems that in this aspect we have open-minded, with great potential for customization on the basis that we see.

In the part of propulsion not have left unclear what they will offer, now show a prototype mounted a BMW based on i3. Would they form a system all-electric to move to Swim.

Local Motors wants to be the first to bring to market a car with these characteristics, presuming that your product will be very safe due to the complexity of its structure and absorption capacity – we’ll see how goes the demanding American tests-. Also have to Swim is pretty respectful with the environment, using special printing techniques, and fully recyclable materials.

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