Sights of Lapland, Finland

Sights of Lapland, Finland

According to, Lapland is the northernmost province of Finland. Due to its location north of the Arctic Circle, temperatures can drop well below freezing. Good equipment during the winter months is therefore vital during your visit to this part of Finland. In summer the temperatures are still on the cool side, but certainly a lot more pleasant. Lapland is also a place where you have to take into account the number of hours of sun per day. Where you see virtually no sunlight in December, the sun practically does not set in June. A strange yet interesting phenomenon to experience once in a lifetime. Lapland is primarily a destination known for its wintry landscape, dog sledding, reindeer, the northern lights and the Sami culture. The Sami people are originally a nomadic people who, depending on the seasons, built their village again and again. Their houses therefore consisted of tents or domed huts that we know better as igloos. In the meantime it has also become a lot more modern in Lapland. The Sami today live in houses and often only wear their traditional clothes during festivals or other important events. Lapland is of course extremely suitable as a winter sports destination. In a completely unique way you can practice all kinds of winter sports here without having to worry about whether there is enough snow.

Top 10 Things to Do in Lapland

#1. northern Lights
The northern lights are in the top 10 on many bucket lists. In Lapland it is very possible to fulfill this part of your list. Some things have to come together at the right time, so you always have a risk. The aurora, also known as the aurora borealis, is a phenomenon in the atmosphere. The sky then colors in the most special colors and shapes. During eruptions of plasma clouds on the sun, all kinds of charged particles are thrown into the universe. The energy that is released then forms the colorful aurora. Earth’s magnetic fields deflect the charged particles away from the Earth in such a way that they often end up mainly at the North and South Poles. Especially during the winter months, the northern and southern lights are regularly visible. Very occasionally you can be lucky enough to see the northern lights in a weakened form in the Netherlands.

#2. Reindeer or dog sledding safari
No one should leave Lapland without having taken a reindeer or dog sled ride. This unique branch of sport is especially common in Lapland. The Husky dogs are trained daily to pull a sled in a very efficient way. Usually about four to eight dogs are used, who work together as a team to get the job done. A reindeer trip is often a bit quieter. There is also only one animal in front who is often not in a hurry. This way you can enjoy a tour in a group. A reindeer or dog sled safari can often be expanded with various activities. For example, you can visit Santa’s village or try to catch a fish while ice fishing. You get the immensely beautiful landscape for free.

#3. Rovaniemi
The capital Rovaniemi is located where the rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki meet. The city of Rovaniemi is often visited as the starting point of a holiday in Lapland. From this city, the northern landscape only gets rougher. In addition, Rovaniemi is mainly seen as the home of Santa Claus. Children often can’t wait to actually visit his house here. Santa Park should therefore certainly not be missed during your visit. Are you sporty? Then you can choose from fun activities in Rovaniemi such as fishing, rafting, climbing, hiking, swimming and skiing.

#4. Snowmobile Safari
Would you like to have a little more control than what is possible during a dog sled safari? Then a snowmobile tour is worth a recommendation. The motorized snowmobiles in Lapland are ideal for covering large distances. Proper equipment and clear explanations are of great importance before you start your trip. Vast areas alternate with dense pine forests and frozen lakes. Meanwhile, you might be lucky enough to encounter some reindeer or moose. But otherwise there will be a lot of peace around you.

#5. Ice fishing
The famous ice fishing is a completely different sport than how we are used to catching a fish. First of all, you need to be assured of good equipment. The temperatures in Lapland can be unusually cold. And fishing takes a lot of patience. A special drill is used to make a hole in the meters thick ice and then a hole of about twenty centimeters in diameter is sawn. A special way is made to ensure that the hole made does not freeze up again. After that, you can lower your fishing line with bait and the waiting begins. The fish probably never tasted as good as that night.

#6. utsjoki
The municipality of Utsjoki is located in the far north of Finland. The population here consists mainly of Sami. The traditional way of life was originally nomadic. Today, the Sami are also integrated into modern society. They do try to maintain their culture, rituals and customs as much as possible. In the municipality of Utsjoki you will come across a number of small Sami villages. The northern place Utsjoki is known as Saami village. Here you can witness age-old traditions, customs and rituals that have been given a modern twist. It is a very nice way to get acquainted with an ancient tribe that still considers nature very important. For example, Utsjoki also has eight seasons instead of four. The amount of daylight and temperature differences play an important role in this. The most delicious salmon is caught in the river Tenojoki and the landscape of the Saami is certainly impressive. You can then recover in the Giisá town hall. This is where the locals like to gather for a chat in the café. The most delicious salmon is caught in the river Tenojoki and the landscape of the Saami is certainly impressive. You can then recover in the Giisá town hall. This is where the locals like to gather for a chat in the café. The most delicious salmon is caught in the river Tenojoki and the landscape of the Saami is certainly impressive. You can then recover in the Giisá town hall. This is where the locals like to gather for a chat in the café.

#7. Levi
The most attractive winter sports area of ​​Finland can be found in Finnish Lapland, namely Levi. All the facilities you would expect from a modern winter sports area are available here. From the gondola at Southpoint your day can start with kilometers of slopes, which provide beautiful descents and lots of skiing or snowboarding fun. And you might even be lucky enough to enjoy the Northern Lights at night. Of course there are also other winter activities you can participate in. Think of ice fishing, ice karting, horseback riding through a winter landscape, snowmobile safari, reindeer or dog sledding and walking tours. The days are shortest in December. The amount of daylight can then be really limited to about one to two hours. On the other hand, it hardly gets dark in June. Very special to experience.

#8. Yllas
The Finnish Ylläs is also a well-known winter sports resort. The high mountains, hills and valleys give the area a fairytale appearance. Through dozens of lifts and gondolas you get access to more than sixty varied descents in various categories. There are also plenty of opportunities off-piste. If you’ve had enough of skiing, there are plenty of other activities to participate in. You can also take trips with snowmobiles, dogs and/or reindeer in Ylläs. And if you’re ready for some warmth, there are always different wellness options. During the summer months, Ylläs is also popular. The lifts that mainly take skiers and snowboarders up during the winter.

#9. Kemi
The coastal town of Kemi is located on the Gulf of Bothnia, the northern part of the Baltic Sea. The port of Kemi is not accessible for large parts of the year, because the Gulf of Bothnia is frozen over. The place Kemi in Sea Lapland, is particularly known for the snow castle that is built every year. This special piece of snow architecture is very nice to visit for both young and old. Other attractions of Kemi include the Gothic Kemi Church, the Kemi Gemstone Gallery, the Historical Museum and the Cartoon Characters Exhibition at the Valtakatu in Kemi.

#10. Kilpisjärvi
The biggest tourist attraction of the city of Kilpisjärvi is located where the countries Finland, Sweden and Norway meet. This so-called three-country point is therefore often visited by tourists. Another much-visited place in Kilpisjärvi is the ‘sacred’ mountain Saana. This mountain is a favorite part of several hikes in the region.

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