Sense, a 3D Scanner Within Reach of All Budgets

The rise of the 3D printers It has been the main trigger for the onset of the 3D scanners, It allows to obtain three-dimensional models of real objects for later playback on the aforementioned 3D printers.

These 3D scanners are usually really expensive, but the printed 3D Systems has developed a device called a Sense very competitive in price -399 dollars, and that it could become one of the leaders in this segment.
This scanner It can hold hand Thanks to its handle, something that is a fundamental difference of 3D scanners, much bulkier and placed on a table. We will simply have to go by rotating around the object to scan software that works in conjunction with the device display the scanning process.

As in other such solutions, the scanner is based on a camera and an infrared sensor which has been obtained from the PrimeSense – same responsible for Microsoft Kinect – company. The Sense is capable of scanning objects measuring up to 3 meters by 3 meters.

The result of the scan process depends on our patience -If scanned carefully and slowly, the model will be represented with enough fidelity-, and no doubt this is a new step in the right direction for the future of a segment that promises to give us many surprises in the short term.