Selected Carnation Genetically, Lights LED and Notices by Whatsapp: Technology in Holy Week

Reviewed the technology landscape associated with the Easter, the trend overall in major cities with story semanasantera is the incorporate new technologies if this is does not interfere in the traditional concepts of Easter and particularities of each brotherhood.

The main contributions of the technology are intended to offer benefits for citizens, but also the own guilds are used to aspects of safety and some that another peculiarity.

Did you know that there is a Carnation whose color has been obtained by genetic selection to make it identical to that wanted a brotherhood, which now uses it exclusively and only at Easter? Passes and Discover how technology is applied in Holy week.

The program or brochure in hand, now on the smartphone

The first and most important step given the incorporation of Internet and new technologies to Holy week was clear: disseminate and provide information in a direct, convenient and personalized way.

In addition to the websites of different cities with important processional history and the brotherhoods, the smartphone world has been definitive repellent for moving processions Guide and detailed information about sororities and their crimes in Easter to the digital world.

Virtually all cities regarding the Holy week in Spain have application and information services digital, some exclusive as the moment brotherhood, a kind of meeting point of the brotherhoods of the Holy week of Seville, or the Holy week of Cordoba, with information of the brotherhoods, processions, religious and cultural events, Thrones and even real time weather information with maps of rain.

But the reference for design and covered processions is iCofrade. This application, free, and available for Android and iOS was created in 2011 by the brothers Ignacio and Rafael Prado. After focusing geographically on Malaga and Andalusia, already last year made the leap in national covering 14 cities, including Zamora or Valladolid.

Still more cities, such as Murcia and Baeza are included in the 2015 version. To use, first choose the city (can be more than one) and the application download the associated content to access without data traffic.

Another digital service which have benefited the processions is the streaming. Both own television stations who have spent years now streaming live certain processions as exclusive websites, approaching anyone wanting the programmed social and religious events. The city of Zamora, will be a display of the most prominent in this year with 18 processions in streaming from the portal of the Town Hall and in high-definition.

GPS to know in real time the route of the procession

One of the services that implement some applications such as the of the brotherhood sweet name of Jesus Nazareno de Leon is tracking in real time of the State of the parades. For the information of the location of the steps or Thrones in real time It incorporates a GPS in every step (as a general rule with external battery in order to have sufficient autonomy to processions of even more than 8 hours). With this information the user of the application can know the status of each step or throne in the procession.

Some applications serve as audio guides to learn the history of each throne or step while we watch them parade

In the application, very complete (there are German and English version), also there is access to the history of each step (enough to touch its icon on the map of the procession), videos and news (with information from weather or changes in schedules or suspensions of processions) and can even be used as an audioguide While we see the steps. The app also includes QR code reader that you have joined the thrones while they are exposed during Holy week.

GPS location is also used by own brotherhoods for manage more precisely the route and the rhythms of the parade.

One of the first cities in Holy week the use of GPS was Malaga, which already in 2010 began to take advantage of the GPS information carrying cross Guide to send data to web portals, the smartphones of citizens through text messages and information panels around the city thanks to the collaboration with the EMT of the city. This year the City Council will use the Whatsapp to send information on the position of each brotherhood.

Another very dump town hall with the use of the new technologies that are available is that of Hellin, which leads tours of the processions along with the same information directly to a with Google Earth Visual guides.

Solutions against rain

One of the great dramas of the processions during Holy week, especially in areas where they have a very long lifespan and are a tourist attraction featuring, is rain. We have already seen that there are applications that include both warnings about delays or cancellations of outputs because of the rain, as radar with prediction in real time. The contributions of meteorologists is also more direct with the help of social networks.

Well… have no choice but… FORECAST for Easter… with all the care in the world… ANTICYCLONE FOR 9 DAYS! #tiemposemanasanta

— Monica López Moyano (@monicalopez_tve) March 25, 2015

But the strangest thing that we found to end the threat to the brotherhoods is proposal of the company MasCofrade, from 2012 with a prototype of integrated system for the protection of the steps in case of rain. It is not a solution that the steps can be paraded with rain, but to protect the artistic heritage posed by these steps in case of threat of rain, enough to be able to reach a point of planned receipt.

The Meteo system is transported folded and can be placed in the event of rain in about three minutes. In case of wind, it is able to withstand gusts of up to 120 km/h.

The system performed more tests last year and from the company they say already be able to start with the production and sale of the Meteo system phase.

University Brotherhood of Jesus condemned: reaches the throne techie

There is also hollow models that are not afraid to pick up any progress that currently allows them to the technology in the world of the Holy week brotherhoods. It is the case of the University Brotherhood of Jesus condemned, whose starting point is the modernity (in addition to the functionality and austerity) according to his own words.

Touch techie of the brotherhood begins with the contact form, which is your e-mail address, but still in the use of LED lights after structures of methacrylate instead of candles or candleholders. They use this technology even in cross Guide.

Also the processional litter away from the betrayal and there is no trace of wood. The main materials are aluminium, stainless steel and synthetic billboards lightweight. In addition, the sticks are collapsible and folding at the end for maneuvers easier and different offices can accommodate without difficulty step.

Genetic selection for a Carnation with exclusive color

In the city of Lorca (Murcia), Holy week is the culmination of a year of division of the population between two colors: white and blue. They are the two largest city guilds and the “rivalry” doesn’t understand limits. If you want to get a Carnation with the exact color of the suit that looks the main Virgin of the brotherhood, are used to the genetic selection.

That did a few years ago the passage of our Lady in the white Rosario-Paso. In a unique greenhouse for them we worked in the breeding of carnations to find color dubbed “pink bitterness” in honor of the tone of the costume of the Virgen de la Amargura, which Lorca on good Friday procession.

After crossing the different varieties, are grown today in the greenhouse owned by the brotherhood more than 7,000 carnations, which are selected the best 300 dozens for the Virgin Mary ornament. The rest are not used.

The Carnation color is not coincidence but a result of several years of genetic selection to find it

More logical seems the use of security cameras with temperature and humidity control (19 degrees and 55% respectively) for the conservation of historical and valuable gold and silk robes.

Copies in 3D for safety

Along with the protection of the heritage of the brotherhoods we found with the three dimensions of the images backup. This practice has already been in different places such as Granada or Malaga sororities.

One of the cases was the of the Hermandad de Ntra. Ms. de la Piedad, (Málaga), that already lost by fire three of its most important carvings that were later re-talladas. In the future, in the event of another incident, count with an exact three-dimensional replica that would facilitate the recovery of the original, who knows if even with 3D printing.

Ageo develops the system used the company and is called BackUp 3D. It is not only intended for sizes but also pieces that guilds want to protect by using the backup. The resolution of your 3D scanner allows you to collect up to 10 points for each area of 1 x 1 mm of the object to be scanned.

These replica 3D help the promotion and use of images and objects, allowing even very spectacular recreations.

Compared to the classical systems based on moulds or plaster, the technique of the 3D scene offers many advantages, as not having to move the size anywhere, not entering at any time contact system scan with the painted surface or how comfortable that is to store the copy: in a few 32 GB of data. The large sizes usually require between 70 and 90 scans, several in each area to ensure the reliability of data, and also allow that recovery may not be total, but an area or specific element.