Sao Tome and Principe – A Natural Paradise

Sao Tome and Principe – A Natural Paradise

“Leve – leve” – a wisdom used by the islanders every day, which means something like “just don’t stress” or “always nice and slow”, perfectly sums up the relaxed lifestyle of the two islands. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of the second smallest country in Africa, where the northern and southern hemispheres meet and time seems to stand still.

Sao Tome and Principe has a lot to offer. The island state has protected habitats for all ranges of flora and fauna and has been declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The ecological showcase project offers nature lovers big and small spectacular experiences. According to Countryaah, Sao Tome and Principe is a country located in Western Africa.

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Cultural encounters are not neglected either. Be it a visit to a so-called «Roça» (translated plantation) or in contact with the local population. In order to process all these diverse impressions in peace, pure relaxation on one of the many beaches is recommended at the end of the trip.

You will be accommodated in one of the HBD Hotels, which are committed to sustainable development on the island. The mission of HBD Principe is to offer jobs, education and quality of life to the local population.

This is an example of one of our tours and should serve as a source of inspiration. Of course, the itinerary including the destinations can be adjusted. We have traveled to the destination ourselves and would be happy to work out a tour tailored to your interests and budget.

Best travel time: all year round

Travel duration: from 16 days

Travel planning: São Tomé is wonderful to travel to by rental car on a round trip . On the other hand, Principe offers stationary stays with individual day tours.

Tip: Hike to “Pico Papagaio” and enjoy the fantastic view over Principe. Or how about a cooking class with a professional?

Day 1: Flight to Lisbon
Flight from Zurich to Lisbon. Transfer from the airport to the hotel on your own. Explore the city and get in the mood for your upcoming vacation. Overnight in Lisbon

Day 2: Flight to São Tomé
Flight from Lisbon to São Tomé. Arrival in the evening with transfer to your hotel.

3rd -4. Day: Stay in Sao Tomé
Discover the town of Cidade de Sao Tomé with its sights and do some small shopping. Visit a coffee or vanilla plantation, learn more about traditional medicine at a workshop and experience the traditional dance show “Bulawé” in the evening.

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Day 5: Stay in Neves
You will visit the historic landmark of Fernão Dias and then continue to the Agostinho Neto plantation, where you can explore the botanical garden and see the cocoa drying process.

6-7 Day: Stay in São João dos Angolares
Drive along the east coast with some sights to the historical place São João dos Angolares. On the way you can visit the Roça Agua Izé, where cocoa is still processed today. During a stop at the “Boca de Inferno” you can take a closer look at the water-spouting sea rocks .
You can also enjoy delicious food in the Roça São João dos Angolares: The São Toméi owner João Carlos Silva is known as a television chef in distant Portugal and is considered a gourmet ambassador of this tiny tropical paradise. Go on a short hike over the next few days and explore the center of São João.

8-10 Day: On the way south
On the way to the island of Rolas – which lies on the equator – you can make a photo stop at Pico Cão Grande, a mighty basalt needle that protrudes from the jungle. To reach your destination, take a boat to Rolas Island – the tiny island is off the southern tip of São Tomé. Relax for a few days on the beautiful beaches on the small equator island. Time to unwind and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Day 11: Flight to Principe
Transfer from your hotel to São Tomé International Airport. 35-minute flight to Principe Island. You will be picked up at the airport and taken to your next accommodation.

Day 12-13: Stay in the heart of Principe
Be a Principiano for a day! In one day you can enjoy a private excursion through Principe. This is a great way to get to know the island’s culture and beautiful scenery in a single day. The excursion includes a visit to the smallest capital in the world and its most beautiful corners. You can enjoy a glass of wine as well as a wonderful traditional meal of the region. The next day you will take part in a handicraft workshop where you can make your own jewelry from recycled glass beads. Hike or car transfer to your next accommodation. You will live in a traditional Roça.

14.-16. Day: Stay at Sundy Praia or Bom Bom Resort
At the end of your trip you can enjoy relaxing days on the beautiful beach of Principe. February is “turtle hatching time”, a wonderful spectacle at dusk. If you prefer to start your trip in the summer months, the time from June to August is a wonderful time to watch whales and dolphins. Then the migration route of the humpback whales leads through in the immediate vicinity of the island.

Day 17: Transfer from your accommodation to Príncipe Airport
A 35-minute domestic flight will take you from Príncipe Airport to São Tomé International Airport. From there onward journey home.

The following excursions should not be missed on Principe:
– Sea turtle or whale and dolphin watching
– Boat trip to the beautiful Bay of Needles
– A hike in the rainforest, called «Obô», the UNESCO biosphere reserve on the island

Sao Tome and Principe - A Natural Paradise