Review: the HP Photosmart B010A Multi Function Device

For my today’s test, I have made me the HP Photosmart B010A inkjet printer. This HP printer model is a 3-in-1 multifunction device, one can with him so print, scan and copy.

Review the HP Photosmart B010A Multi Function Device
A fax machine is not integrated. The printer uses the widely used HP 364 ink cartridges, which you can refill also.

Scope of delivery

The following is included with in the HP Photosmart B010A:

  • Power cable
  • a set of original cartridges
  • Software CD
  • 5 sheets of HP 10 x 15 photo paper
  • 2 manuals in 24 different languages
  • an info sheet with registration instructions
  • an overview of the correct commissioning
  • 2 eco bags (for printer + power adapter)

It should be noted that as with most printers No USB cable is supplied.

Technical details

Printing speed:

  • Black (ISO): up to 9 ppm
  • Colour (ISO): up to 8 ppm
  • Black (draft): up to 32 ppm
  • Colour (draft): up to 30 ppm

approx. 7 kg
HP photo creations software
Best HP ink cartridges:

  • HP ink cartridge cyan CB318EE / 364
  • HP ink cartridge cyan CB323EE / 364XL
  • HP ink cartridge yellow CB320EE / 364
  • HP ink cartridge yellow CB325EE / 364 XL
  • HP ink cartridge black CN684EE / 364 XL
  • HP ink cartridge magenta CB324EE / 364XL
  • HP ink cartridge magenta CB319EE / 364
  • Dimensions:
    H x W x d: 200 x 451,8 x 564 mm
  • Printing:
    Resolution: 4800 dpi
    Process: ink-jet printing
    Print language: PCL3 GUI
  • Scanning:
    Resolution: 1200 x 2400 ppi
    Maximum format: 216 x 297 mm
    Color depth: 48-bit color, 8-bit grayscale

After I very extensively tested the printer about 3 weeks, I will announce my experiences with the printer. Next to the Open box much to me to that the manufacturer new Earth Ring seems to attach great importance to environmental protection. For the printer, even an extra bag was about what I felt very handy, especially if you need the printer just go somewhere else, but not want to scratch everything. The printer was very conveniently packaged and protected with protective film and styrofoam. A packaging without styrofoam and with cardboard boxes, would be certainly more environmentally friendly.
The HP Photosmart B010A read very easily out of the box take. The printer has a normal weight and thus presented no difficulty to put it on the table. Noticed this is me he is also very compact and very space efficient. As with most printers defaults no USB connection cable supplied. You need to get yourself to this. The printer cartridges were attached in the correct order on a cardboard box and read very easily insert. After a 10 minute auto auto setup the printer was ready for use.
With the HP Solution Center the manufacturer has a very extensive operation software. There were no incidents during the installation of this software and everything was very clearly structured. It is also possible to purchase directly online via this software cartridges, as well as to register the printer statistics. A sidebar gadget format 10 x 15 photos can be with just a few clicks directly print. All of the software is in a modern, blue style programmed. On the start menu, you can scan photos or documents. Also displays eco-tips to save more effectively for printing to the environment. Of course, also the use has reserved a private course. Not to mention is also the area for the very many possible special settings on the printer. A comprehensive help section is integrated in the software.
Like any modern printer, the HP Photosmart B010A has a touchpad for a practical operation directly on the housing. Unfortunately this reacts only very tough and has only 6 buttons (3 links from the display and 3 right away). In this respect, even after high demand has HP, but I’m sure that these features are better implemented in newer (and more expensive) printers.
With the touchpad, the following functions can be run on the printer:

  • scan
  • copy
  • Quick formats

In addition, you are still keys on the display pressure to cancel or confirm an input.
Of course, the printer has a compartment to retract the paper. With a manual control, the input tray on the currently selected paper size can vote. I noticed, that the printer unfortunately had problems to collect recycled paper and therefore often several sheets has pulled and it came because of a paper jam. Sometimes, he tore the leaves during the printing process. Whether this was due to my paper or on the printer, I can not judge. With plain white paper was in any case properly.
To feed the printer immediately, set included the Photosmart B010A 10 x 15 photo paper HP. This is I noticed that the printer is unable to collect photo paper square with a paper thickness of 270 g / m. However it was product where you can be is also not sure whether it is a mistake of the printer photo paper to a NONAME.
With the integrated scanner, the HP Photosmart B10a impresses with speed and a high resolution. The scanner can be easily operated with the touchpad that is installed on the printer. Press the scan button, the printer begins the process and sends data directly to the computer. Here the scanned documents and images can then be comfortably edited and cut.
Of course also the copy function should not be missed in this multifunction device. Clearly, this has been the set included and like the scan function equipped with an own button on the touchpad. Here you can also
Simply make adjustments such as black and white or a color copy, as well as the page number. Unfortunately, the touchpad works often only very tough what I have briefly already addressed in a previous point. Copying works even when a computer is turned off.
Guide / description / manual
The manufacturer HP puts much emphasis on simple, flawless operation of the end user. That’s why very clearly built first instructions and a detailed manual are enclosed. The manual is mostly in color, what more work it can be.
Therefore, I am also pretty at the end of my test report. Here I have compiled everything positive and negative about my experience with the HP Photosmart B010A.


faster printing
ease of use
practical software
Savings tips
Printing speed
The cartridges can be easily refill
The ink can be disabled


  • The printer is very loud compared to other models in its class
  • The printer performs very jerky movements, what a stable
  • Support strategically
  • Let the printer cartridges are not reset (the level is set to full)

My conclusion

The HP Photosmart B010a is a very compact, easy-to-use multifunction device. Especially the energy star Award and the emphasis placed on environmental protection, speak for the printer. Also the HP comparatively cheap 364 XL cartridges in the purchase price, and are refilling, but must it be omitted on the use.
The printing costs are in the midfield and this printer model only for little printer is that only occasionally need to print something. People who print a lot, should be rather a device buy, that is more expensive in the purchase price, but at the cost of printing is cheaper.
Unfortunately the touchpad can be very difficult to operate and the printer is very loud. All in all I was convinced of the HP Photosmart B010A and would recommend him for the current purchase price of 65 euros.
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