RAScomRAS, Spanish Project on Indiegogo, an Ecosystem Full of 3D Printing

The Spanish startup Search and Make S.L. just announced at Indiegogo, the world wide web of crowdsourcing, project RAScomRAS, which comes as a complete solution of 3D printing.

When we say complete solution we are talking about an ecosystem that extends from a repository of 3D objects that are shared by users of speaking to one 3D printer arriving accompanied of a 7-inch Tablet and a proprietary software based on Linux from which the printer can handle without problems.

The project was born in indiegogo on October 7 and will end on 7 November and are planning to get financing to manufacture and develop the printer 3D RCR-D1, which will carry the label Made in Spain in Spain.

RCR-D1 3D printer

Apparently, they also have a in Austin (USA) from where will manage the distribution and Assembly of printers for the American continent. Below you can see a video of the printer in question:

Rascomras is a repository of 3D models online available for download and ready to be printed in which users can leave reviews and share their modifications. As discussed, they intended to have ready your 3D printer for next year that will come along with a tablet to control their functions.

Control Tablet 7 ” Rascomras

Says Search and Make S.L., located in Torrijos (Toledo), can be printed with almost any material, simply changing the nozzle, can print three-dimensional objects from plastic, wood, compounds soluble in water, chocolate, pasta and endless possibilities that will climax the polymer of Graphene.