Project Ara Goes One Step Further and Has Printing 3D Chain That Needed

The necessary infrastructure so that Google’s Project Ara can be a reality through a set of 3D printing that allows blocks to the letter that each user requires your Smartphone can occur in chain.

3D System is the company that works closely with Google and has offered specific details of its new 3D Printing Assembly Line System, based on the concept of Assembly line Classic of the manufacturing industry, but where the 3D printers are the protagonists. With her classic 3D printing is improved up to 50 times in the field speed.

But there are other advantages of this type of chain with respect to traditional 3D printing printing, all of which are necessary for Project Ara. 3D chain printheads system makes it possible to use easily various types of materials and finishes of different colors, everything much faster than the current.

If the system 3D Printing Assembly Line system is essential for Project Ara, imagine what can be assumed for a chain of production to demand and customized in the General market. The smartphone world is your great candidate without a doubt.

The new platform of printing 3D 3D System chain will be officially presented next month of November. And the first terminal Project Ara? Place your bets.