ProDesk3D Wants to Bring Color to The 3D Impressions

There is no doubt that in a few years the 3D printers they will be part of our lives as do now in two dimensions. Although the different available technologies are still in very early stages, every few months we are witnessing interesting ads which improve some of the current deficiencies.

As for example the monochrome in the creations. And is that so far was that the designs from having to perform a material of a single color, which the BotObjects company wants to change with your printer ProDesk3D.

With a beautiful design and compact dimensions (which can be a problem to make objects of according to sizes), new 3D printer model uses a special cartridge of polylactic lactic of five inks (I don’t want to imagine how much it will cost each replacement) that combines to create a wide range of colors.

It is compatible with ABS and plastic materials PVA can be printed in 25 micron layers Thanks to a double extruder head which also allows you to improve the overall speed of printing.

They will begin to be distributed in June and at the moment official price has not been published, but as you can imagine the new invention should not be anything cheap.