Prixel, Replicating Paintings by Great Artists with a 3D Printer

The 3D printers they will gradually occupying an important gap in all types of domestic and professional applications. Now also make it in the world of the art of the hand of Prixel, a new Russian company that wants to bring reproductions of quality to home users.

How do they do it? Then go to the main museums of the world and photographed the most famous pictures from different angles, capturing the most detail of the strokes performed by the artists.

Later, they spend all that information by computer software and generate a model in three dimensions it printed on a 3D printer with a few special photopolymers.

The result is a copy, a reproduction of the original almost indistinguishable to the uninitiated that is carried out with between six and twenty layers printing material.

Is the price? Depending on the size of the picture and the detail of print there is pictures from $50 up to more than 400. That Yes, time if you want to buy out Russian should make a telephone appointment.